The Colorful Journey of Video Game Animation

The technology is so developed that we all are familiar to realistic images in our video games. Even the virtual reality technology is taking the world of gaming to next level.  But it was not the same way as it is today. The journey of video games started from playing black and white Pong to Virtual […]

Tips to Optimize Video Content for SEO

Video contents are now being incorporated on websites as these are proven engaging. It is a fact that majority of potential clients would rather watch a video than reading content, not just because of its catchy graphics but because of the concise information and the visual explanation that makes it more understandable. However, a video […]

Difference Between Video Marketing and Video Advertising

If you’ve been considering developing a corporate video for your business, you just might have come across the two concepts of advertising and marketing. If you were slightly confused and thought these were interchangeable, then you are part of a large club. The truth is that video advertising and video marketing are different and knowing […]