10 important Animation Vocabularies you need to know.

online-visibilityIf you are thinking to take a career in ‘animation’ field and have no idea about from where to start and what to do. Here are some vocabularies that will help you get familiar with the field.

  1.    2D Animation:

 Creating moving pictures in a two-dimensional environment is known as ‘2D Animation

  1.    3D Animation:

Creating moving pictures in a three-dimensional environment is known as ‘3D Animation

  1.    Aspect Ratio:

In animation, the term ‘aspect ratio’ refers to the size for screen production, such as 4:3 aspect ratio for web or television, or 16:9 for widescreen.

  1.    Background Painting:

A piece of detailed artwork rendered as the backdrop to a 2D animated scene

  1.    CGI:

‘Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)’ refers to the artwork or animation that is being created on a computer. It can be applied to both 2D and 3D Animation but finds more relevance in ‘3D Animation.

  1.    Clean Up:

The process of refining the rough artwork is known ‘Clean Up.’

  1.    Demo Reel:

‘Demo Reel’ is a collection of work by an artist or other media professional in the form of videos which demonstrate their best work. These demo reels help the employers to know the qualification of the applicant.

  1.    Frame Rate:

A measure of a number of frames displayed sequentially per second of animation in order to create the illusion of motion. The higher the frame rate, smoother the motion and vice versa.

  1.    Render:

For rendering, the artists take into consideration the user setting’s for lighting, the various planes and dimensions of the objects created in the digital space and how they reflect that lighting as viewed by the virtual camera; as all of this would be composited into a final image or video.

  1.    Graphics Tablet

Graphics tablets are computer peripheral device that is also known as a digitizing tablet that allows “hand-drawn” tablet-to-screen input. By using a pen/stylus rather than the mouse the tablet allows getting the same control as of hand-drawn drawings. Some tablets also have a screen of their own that allows a more accurate “drawing” experience.

If you get familiar with all these vocabularies, it will help you understand the basic things you need to know about ‘Animation’. And will also help you grow and achieve your passion for the same.

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