Exciting Categories Of Explainer Videos

508497362_1280x720-768x432When we think about explainer videos what comes to our mind is that a short animated video of 2 to 3 minutes longer. We just make few and use them as one of the marketing strategies. But we never give it a thought that there can be different types of explainer videos. Exciting right??

Explainer videos are of great use for the success of your organization. It helps in boosting your audience count. Well here are few of the explainer videos you are not aware of and are quite exciting to work on

Come let’s have a look at the list



Whiteboard completely goes with the quote, ‘keep it simple and significant’. It is just a technique that presents a black and white presentational or educational video which is originally recorded by an artist drawing illustrations and writing keywords on whiteboard. It has become digital now but still has that essence of simplicity within it. If your organization wants to present something without any distraction, this category is the best one.


‘Screen Capture’ is most effective and low budget explainer video type. In this type, all you have to do is record a video from the screen of a device like computers, laptops, or mobile phones. It is the most easiest type of explainer video which is used to display how a product or software actually works.


‘Live action or cast’ is the most interesting type of explainer video. Here, there is a mixture of human and animation effects. First a video featuring actors or other human is recorded and the effects are added later on. The interaction of human and animation makes it even more interesting.


Typography’ is basically a combination of the texts and the animation effects. There are many types of typography fonts but a simple and plain typography font is easy to understand and figure out. It keeps the viewers engaged with the text only and out of all the distractions.


Cut out explainer videos are usually used for storytelling. Here a series of hand drawn cut outs or digitally drawn images are shot with camera. Later, these images when put in sequence produce an animated effect. It is a perfect story telling technique and also a form of stop-motion video. It is the ideal form of explainer video for the B2C companies as it combines all the benefits of the cartoon video style and stop-motion video.

All these exciting categories are worth giving a shot. Online marketing is a high booster for your organization. It is the best marketing strategy to induce and put to use.

Try out these exciting explainer videos as a marketing strategy to boost your business. If you need any help for making any explainer videos for your organization.

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