What Are The Five Golden Rules Of Corporate Video Production?

video-1606945_1280-768x512Video marketing is a type of a marketing technique used to promote or market your brand. The benefits of using video for marketing are video boosts conversion rates, a video is easily accessible, a video is effective, and video is emotional. All these benefits make ‘videomarketing- a hero’.

Many of the companies these days make corporate videos in order to explain their product and services to the people. Also, the videos are used by the organizations to increase the search engine rankings by targeting a specific set of people. Not everyone makes good qualitycorporate videos; you have to know every element that is necessary to make a corporate video.

Are you someone who wants to market and promote their business on large scale? Someone who needs a helping hand in the corporate video production? Want to know how you can do it? If yes, Bravo! You are in the right place. To make a perfect corporate video, you should know the five golden rules of corporate video production and we are going to discuss the same in this article.

Let us understand the five golden rules of corporate video production

Define (and then refine) your audience first

Marketing is all about communicating and informing about your special services and products to a specific audience. Your product and services might not be appealing to everyone. In fact, it would not appeal to a lot of people at all. You have to make sure that you craft something that is that is of concern to a well-defined audience. Focus on the main objective, if you try to narrow your focus then there are chances that you might leave some stuff out. It is like the more you narrow your focus is the more chances of leaving the stuff out.

Tell a great story that makes an emotional connection

The best way to connect with your audience is by telling a story. If your video has a great story, it helps people connect with it. There are few corporate videos which people do not even watch until the end, they close it halfway. So, if you want to avoid this make sure your corporate video has a story that connects with your audience emotionally. A story helps a lot for keeping your audience engaged.

Show them, don’t tell them

Today, a video is the fastest growing marketing strategy because it informs and educates the audiences better than any other media type. A video is the only media type that engages the audience visually as well as orally. Why should you only explain the product or service, when you can actually show the people how they can use and benefit from it, with the help of a video? A video is gaining so much popularity because it is the best means of conveying a great deal of information quickly to the audience. Videos are more effective when you show all the special benefits of a product or service to the audience.

Your customer is the focus, not you.

This means that your customers are only interested to know how you solve their problem, which is what actually matters to them. They do not really care about your history or any of your processes. And still today many of the corporate videos are not written from the client’s perspective. Most businesses continue the process of making videos that only talk about them. What should you actually do is get into the shoe of your customer and get to know what they care about? What are their problems? Then portray your company as the only solution to all their problems. Provide the audiences with something that they actually want to see; something they relate to and something that lets them see themselves in your video.

Share what you believe, not just what you do

The Internet is fundamentally changing how people interact with businesses. Earlier people do not have interest in things like what do you believe in? Or what are your core values? But, today it is totally opposite, as a high level of transparency is expected in the business. Getting people’s attention is just the first step, but if you want to earn believe of the people you need to believe in all of your services and products before they do. So, always try to share what you actually believe in and do not spread something that is unbelievable.

These are the golden rules of corporate video production. And if you want to consider any other rules other than these rules then include ‘a call to action’ in your video, which will help your audience to contact with you.

Once you are familiar with these golden rules, the market research, and the competitive analysis then you can easily shape your strategies and get your content ready with the help of a video production company or yourself. Identifying and understanding all this is quite easy but the execution is a difficult task. It is in your hand how you make use of all this for execution and end up with a good-quality video.

If you want to know in detail with examples about this topic then do visit this blog. Do let us know in the comment section below how this article helped you to make your corporate video and also we would be happy if you share your results with us.