Simply Fantastic: Minimalist Animation

  Similar to all other industries, the animation, and creative industry experience a range of trends new technologies, techniques, and styles! In 2017, across the animation industry, we have observed attractive, creative, minimalist animations that manage to effortlessly express key messages, difficult ideas and product info, at the same time as looking exquisite. This, ad […]

A Brief History of Clay Animation

There are chances that you have probably seen a good handful of clay model– whether it might be Hollywood Blockbusters enhancing the silver screen or miracles of the small screen. You might not have even flickered an eyelid at its place in animation past. Clay animation was invented long back in 1897 and from its […]


In a few years’ time, you will not even click on any article. You will be watching the video. Video marketing is the poster child for content marketing, with 2017 set to be a bumper year for video traffic. As lovers, makers, and creators of explainer videos, we see daily how it can boost businesses, capture […]


Animation videos are hugely underused but if we see in reality, the animated videos have taken the world by storm. So what is the reason for any business or marketer, that they should incorporate animated videos in their marketing strategy? Storytelling! Storytelling is the most obvious and the beneficial reason for any business to incorporate […]

Motion Graphics vs 2D Animation vs 3D Animation

  These are the three most common formats of animation that you’ll see today and unless you want to do something really out there with stop motion video then you’ll have to make a decision between them for your project. But which one is the most suitable for you? Here is the difference between all three […]