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We are a video animation company based in Mumbai and with associates across India. In the video animation field we provide all kinds of animation services like 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, whiteboard and stop motion.

At Video Explainer Mumbai, we are a team of extremely passionate individuals who strive each day to give you the best. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the animated video fulfill your branding, sales and informational goals in every way possible.

The process of making the animated video starts with discussions on your purpose. We send you a questionnaire or discuss the details on a video call. After that the creative team discusses various ideas and the best of the ideas are presented to you for your approval. Once you give us the approval, we start the process of working on the script.

Best Video Animation Company In Mumbai

The scripting process normally takes a couple of days. After this get your approval on the script and the process moves towards preparing a visual storyboard. The visual storyboard process can take from 2-4 days depending on the duration of the video and the complexity of the storyline.

After the visual storyboard is approved then the process of animation, voiceover and final mastering of the video takes place. We believe that this process is the most important thing for a video animation company to follow and it ensures that we are able to meet the expectations of the client.

List of Top Video Animation making companies in Mumbai

1. Video Explainer Mumbai

Aamchi, Mumbai, the commercial centre of India, is home to the corporate video production company Video Explainer in Mumbai. We help our business clients and customers use digital multimedia marketing to its fullest potential. Our explainer videos from Mumbai help our clients present their company, brand, service, item, or events in a unique and highly effective way. Every business video need can be met by our wide range of video services, and thanks to our extreme flexibility, we can easily coordinate with clients to meet demands quickly.

Video Explainer Companies in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai- 2021(videoexplainermumbai.in)

Best Video Explainer Company in Mumbai

2. The Jigsaw

Corporate film production company | Corporate Film Makers (thejigsaw.in)

Now in Mumbai, Jigsaw (Navi Mumbai). It belongs to the elite group of production animation studios in Mumbai. It is led by a team that was excellent at making videos, and its aim is to best display the work of the animators.

Numerous well-known corporations, including Tata, Nokia, AIG, SBI, and Vodafone and Gujarat Gas have hired them.

Best Video Explainer Company in Mumbai

3. Reliance Mediaworks

Reliance Mediaworks Ltd. was established in 1975. It is one of the most established and prosperous infotainment reliance animation companies in India, serving a variety of Reliance Group media outlets and motion pictures around the globe. Among other things, Reliance Animation offers digital distribution, post production, and 2D and 3D visual effects. Other well-known movies from Reliance Mediaworks include The Conspirator, Conan the Barbarian, and Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Best Video Explainer Company in Mumbai

4. CREATFX Studio

One of the most well-known animation studios in Mumbai is CREATFX. This animation company specialises in producing visuals for hybrid films, 3D animation, feature films, tv commercials, and other projects. This animation company's clients include Maggi, Colgate, as well as a no of of other organisations.

Best Video Explainer Company in Mumbai

5. RGBA Studios

In 2008, the RGBA studio was founded. A visual effects and animation company. They are employed in the media industries of entertainment, advertising, film, and television. Among their most prestigious customers are Cadbury Fuse, Titan Eye Plus, Hero ISL 2016 Promo, Boost, CEAT, XUV500, and numerous others.

Best Video Explainer Company in Mumbai

6. UTV Toonz

A business founded in 2000, UTV Software Communications Ltd., houses UTV Toonz as a division. Before converting to digital media in 2002, this animation studio operated as a 2D animation studio. They offer excellent services. Customers of UTV Toonz can be found in Asia, Europe, and North America. They have collaborated on projects with a variety of companies, including Walt Disney Television, UNICEF, Cine Groupe, Mike Young Productions, and Porchlight Entertainment.

7. Crest Animation

India's top animation studio, Crest Animation Studios Ltd, was founded in 1990. Mumbai also has one of its branches. Crest Communications is the parent company of Crest Animation Studios, which has its headquarters in California. Customers of this animation studio can be found in both the US and the UK. Among the well-known works from Crest Animation Studio are Piggley-Winks Adventures, Pet Alien, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, Shrek and others.

8. Maya Entertainment

In 1996, Maya Entertainment first made its debut. The business has training center in Asia and the Middle East. The new services offered by this company included coaching for visual effects, animation, and 3D animation. It is one of the most well-known and prosperous animation studios in the world. The Mummy, Stuart Little, and several other films by Maya Entertainment are among their productions. Among its numerous international clients are Google, Disney, BBC, Sony, and other digital cartoons.

Best Video Explainer Company in Mumbai

9. Tiara Motions

Educative videos, video tutorials, corporate labelled videos, entrepreneur videos, visual content videos, and motion graphic videos are all produced by the Mumbai-based explainer video production firm Tiara Motion. They employ cutting-edge technology and an incredibly creative team to create world-class animated videos. They have a persistent aspiration to produce outstanding and cutting-edge animated videos. They have customers in more than 18 countries and 300 videos in more than 30 languages in a short period of time. This demonstrates their commitment to their work.

Best Video Explainer Company in Mumbai


One of India's top animation and visual effects studios is Tata Elxsi's Visual Computing Labs (VCL). They have worked together on a number of popular and award-winning movies, TV shows, and TV commercials that were produced for well-known Indian and international media and consumer brands.

Best Video Explainer Company in Mumbai

This is an award-winning studio that, by continuing to dominate the animation and visual effects sectors, has created magic through its extensive collaborations. Additionally, they have redefined goods made with our most recent technological and artistic advancements. We provide a distinctive selection of premium and affordable options for animation, visual effects, and stereoscopy services.

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