10 Tips For Creating Whiteboard Animation

You might have heard about whiteboard animation, which is emerging as a powerful tool. These serve as a handy resource for creating animation videos. The possibilities that the field of whiteboard animation opens for us is endless. Over everything, whiteboard animation videos are a tool that has multiple and endless opportunities.

This tool simplifies a complicated message. Also, it makes the news more entertaining and of a quality that is engaging for the audience. Also, it works in s different way. It makes any topic which might seem boring initially, interesting.

A set of rules need to be followed for creating whiteboard animation. So, these are the ten tips that one has to follow for creating appropriate whiteboard animation.



1) The power of storytelling needs to be well utilized

A well-narrated story cannot be resisted. The power of attraction is used to tell a story instead of creating a sale. One can present their content with the help of storytelling.
One has to keep this in mind that for any storytelling to succeed, the story has to be focused on the crux of all the problems that are being faced by the audience. Writing more about product features is a less good idea than writing about the issues of the audience. The story has to be focused on the target audience and all its segments. The storyteller is supposed to catch their attention and to develop a particular empathy.

2) Traditional procedures have to be maintained

There are a set of protocols that have to be followed for making a whiteboard video traditional. The first things that have to keep in your mind are white background, a continuous black drawing, and the hand. One can read about all these things. But, the essential element that is to be remembered is the primary characteristics of whiteboard animation. These videos follow a pattern and have a style that helps in recognizing them. Even because one is allowed to include personal details, one should primarily focus on keeping things traditional.

3) Emotional references have to be used

Whiteboard animation helps in delivering complex messages. This can be done straightforwardly. This is a very known fact. Simple methods have a thing that these can be in any form. These can be light, nostalgic, happy, funny, empathetic, and emotional.

The emotion of the audience has to be used in favor of the one who is creating the whiteboard animation.
There have to be elements that have to function like they are bringing some good old days to the people. This will surely end up making your video a little memorable. An appeal should be made to the emotions of the audience for generating identification.

4) It should be educational

The elements of the animation that is being created should be kept educational. This can become so if certain features such as stories, drawings, and other characters are included, then it is likely to attract people. This is the basic recipe for good entertainment. Also, it does not need to be proved that people will learn and grasp any idea faster if they are having fun. If something is learned in laughter, then people will easily be able to retain the knowledge in their minds. This is the central reason why whiteboard videos are considered to be a powerful learning tool.

5) Animated characters will create a good picture

Animated characters are required to keep all the elements consolidated. These are necessary to keep your story together. These are the elements that are necessary to give continuity. The characters in the videos should include representations. These representations have to be from a vast audience. There are some ideal buyer personas. This will help the audience to identify with the one who is creating the video.

6) Personal approach

Animated characters are bound to give a personal touch to whatever is being created. This is because, these in general, are the representations of the real ones.

7) One thing to remember

An idea that should not be overlooked is the drawing hand. The main point of a whiteboard video is the drawing of an artist, which happens in real-time. One can be going for it traditionally or can be making use of technology or other famous tools. Some primary design tools should be put to use to make the animation seem as if it is being drawn. But the one thing that does not undergo a change in the drawing hand. The drawing side itself is not likely to suffer any changes.
If there is no artist's hand, then most probably it is not an animation video.

8) Interconnected drawings

This is another vital element of the entire process.

9) Something to gain the attention

This means that some eye-grabbing elements should be included in getting attention.

10) Personal touch

Splashing some colors which render a personal touch to the videos is essential.