Now the film production and advertisement production industry focus on the concept of animations for different purposes; some uses for product promotion while others for enjoyment. The software used in animation helps in the creation of 2D and 3D products. Examples are as follows:

Flash Professional CC

Flash Professional CC currently known as Adobe Animate is a software developed by the Adobe Systems. Its important feature is animation and vector graphics hence making it suitable in the fields with rich audio, text, and video embedding. Its animation layout depends on Flash Air and HTML5.

Sketchbox Pro 

Autodesk Company is the software developer of Sketchbox Pro and its primary purpose is drawing and sketching of various products. Sketchbox Pro has features like the pie-menu platform and various tools that help in drawing and painting such as the pencil tool. It also has special unique features like the note and screenshot tools that are very much helpful for 3D artists who is fresher since they allow better navigation of the program.


It is shocking why the best software is always open source software. Blender is unique, and a very sophisticated software since its composition is one that embeds animation and sound especially in the film and gaming industry, visual effects, and art. It has better features with a bright horizon because the software interface has cloning traits. Other features are modeling especially in 3D format, texturing, rigging, simulation, and sculpting.

Illustrator CC

Illustrator CC software is unique since it was developed and is regularly updated by Adobe System. Also, it depends on the cloud technology and also the internet for updates and solutions. The system has friendly tools and new version release on annual occasions. Its prominent features are the shape tools that are easily understandable. Also, it has the capability to auto store several projects automatically, and in the case of the system failure, the designer can restore the computer and finally get his or her designs.


Also, a software created by Autodesk and its main features are composed on its ability to enhance 3D sculpting and painting. Mudboxenables the beginning phase of the animation process to be in a polygon mesh. It also has several layers that help in the division of the product while designing, hence better sculpting. Also, it has tools like stamps and stencils, and its most recognized feature is the visual platform that creates the capabilities of the software to capture mobile objects.