Misconceptions About Video Production!


  • It’s too costly 

This is the most common rumor and misconception about any video. Do you know that a video can be made even at a cost as low as 5000 INR! Yes, it is true! The cost of a video depends on various factors like the camera, crew members, actors, voice over artist, etc. Depending upon the requirements, the cost of your video changes. The worth of corporate video is much than what it costs. According to e-marketer, a video can give you ROI of 51.9% which is much greater than any of the visual content used for advertising.  Only a minute of video is equal to 1.8 million of words which are equal to 3600 typical websites. So considering this example, if you hired a professional content writer to write 1.8 million words then think how much you will need to pay him! Thus consider making a video for your company is savings rather than investment. There are video solutions to fit every need and budget.


  • I don’t have the time to get it made 

Don’t worry when you are working with a professional and experienced corporate filmmaking company as they can understand how precious your time is! During the making of the video, you don’t have to take much of your time away from your responsibilities. Just explain your vision and what all things you want in your video and the rest will be done by the experts. The members of video production team are great at developing and discovering some creative ways to give exposure to your business in video. Besides this, the production team completes the work within the deadline given by you.


  • I can’t invest in it as I don’t know where will I show it 

Earlier you were just having YouTube as the distribution channel for your video. Though YouTube ranks second largest search engine in the world you just can’t limit your video distribution there.  So targeting only through YouTube is not enough. In last few years, the distribution channel of content has grown too large extent. Social media has become as one of the major sources for distributing contents. Vimeo is another site where you can share your videos. Another channel is your website or campaign landing page. Uploading video on your website increases the conversion rate by 80%.


  • I am in the B2B market. It’s of no use here 

According to Demand Metric research, huge 74% of the marketers reported that video converts much better than any other medium for B2B business. A prediction by Cisco is that by 2019, more than 80% of the world will be streaming video content. So how can one say that videos are of no use in the B2B market! Canned presentations, customer case studies, white papers are traditional tools for marketing and will not beat video in when it comes to educating anyone or targeting audience through emotions. Ascend2 has ranked the importance of different types of video as following

  1. Customer testimonials
  2. Explainer and tutorial videos
  3. On-demand product demonstration videos
  4. Thought leader interviews
  5. Project reviews and case studies

This shows that Testimonial and tutorial video tops the list and hence you can think how much a video is beneficial for any B2B business.


  • I need a long video to explain my product/service. But I can’t afford to make a long video

As explained before that cost of a video depends on different factors and yes it is true that you will have to pay some good amount for a long professional video but take it as an investment. You are paying the amount to a professional team which includes

*A good team which consists of planning and preproduction crew

*An entire team of professional actors as well as expert of voice over artist

*A team which handles post production work likes editing and final touch

We are from Video Explainer Mumbai. If you want to create brand awareness through Explainer Videos and want to increase your conversion rates then do contact us.