Reasons Why Animation Is Replacing Full Motion Services

explainer-video (1)Explainer animation videos are going to replace full motion videos and their services If you have been observing the change that the videos which are available online or on TV are more explainer animated videos than full motion. Recently, the corporate industry has been undergoing a change where they have switched most of their video content to be more committed to explainer video.

The reason behind this change is the result of explainer video can convert the complex concept into simpler one and offer a lot of effectiveness in every way. Explainer videos takeover is not only in full motion, but also other formats of videos as well. For example, in the animated film industry, hand-drawn cartoons have been totally switched with animation. Here is a compiled list to explain just why this shift is occurring.


The huge population now prefers animation to full motion. Everyone understands that with full motion, the output is not always the one they were expecting for. Many commercial companies are now making their commercials in animated explainer video form. Another reason for the explainer videos rising demand is that it has developed mainstream thanks to the film industry. The blast of explainer videos has been known by many and people now prefer them over full motion.

Creative Freedom

When it comes to the creation of animated videos, there are certain points that full motion just simply cannot achieve. Whether it’s making a commercial with an animal mascot or making a video based on space, there are just some concepts that are out of reach for full motion.

Because of this, explainer videos are seen as a more powerful medium that lets people create whatever they want without undergoing the constraints of full motion. Artists can make more and be extremely versatile with animation used in explainer video and can make nearly any forms of videos that are needed.


Ask any artist, and they will tell you the similar thing. You can make more explainer animated videos in a given time than you can make full motion. Commanding software programs give the artist a very rapid and stress-free way to make explainer animated videos without much of any arrangement time. With full motion, you need to get performers, setup crew, setup lighting etc. Explainer videos, on the other hand, can be done with a few taps of a switch.

The explainer video is quick and has a higher overall quality and can be done fast. All of these are traits that are hard to ignore.

Explainer Video is a way of creating animated videos. The most important tools that you need to make an animated movie are almost all exclusively free. Even Pixar, the world-class animation studio, has recently made their animation software free to download. Most other tools are also on the internet for free.

On the other hand, full-motion requires equipment and manpower, all of which require a substantial expenditure. When you pit it against animation, most people would pick the latter as it is not only higher quality but also very cheap. The cost that animation saves for anyone is a huge benefit, especially if you are up and coming with not much capital to work with.

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