How to Make Your Own Online Video?

online-videoIf you are an owner of an e-commerce website or an online store you own how much efforts you need to take to climb the ladder of success and reach the top. There are many ways to reach out to a maximum number of people across the World but the only way that is easy and does wonders is social media platforms. You can use the social media platform to promote your business in whichever way you want. For instance, you can showcase your business by posting pictures, videos, GIF, blogs, etc. on the social media platform. But the best of all is ‘videos’, as it becomes easy to increase traffic on your websites using videos. A video grabs the attention of your audiences, keeps them engaged, and also your product gets showcased rapidly.If you are someone who hasn’t thought of including videos in your marketing strategies, well, you should definitely start doing so because:


  • Videos can be live in several places like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, embedded on your website/blog, etc.
  • Videos make for eye-catching social media posts/ads, for instance, it can play automatically on some channels like Facebook.
  • Videos can be repurposed into new videos and from other content formats like you can turn it into new video or GIF’s or you can take your blogs posts, infographics, photos, and other types of content, and turn them into videos.

There might be many professional videographers and editors working for you but what if someday they are not available for some reason? What if you don’t have enough budget to make a video? What are you going to do then? Will you able to make your own online video? What techniques will you use? It is going to be a bit hectic task to do it all yourself. But, do not worry we are to help you. In this article, we will share with you few easy tips that will help you make your own online video.

How to make your own online video without even hiring a professional?

Yes, you read it right, you can make your own videos without even hiring professionals. It is not necessary that you need all the expensive equipment or your own original footage to make a video. All you need is a concept and a plan with some innovative and creative ideas that can be used for the video making. Let us get into details of video producing.


Before you get to start shooting your video, better have a rough storyboard ready for you beforehand. A storyboard that depicts all your plans and ideas like what is going to take place when and how, which idea is going to be used in which part of the video, etc. You can also write a script for your video to make it easy for you to control the whole video producing process.


Now, a video without audio is so boring until and unless the video content is really impressive. So, there is a definite need for audio, you can create your own audio content or you can gather the audio content from other sites. Also, there might be a scenario where you may require a video footage of your video making process. Just like the audio, you can create it yourself or gather it from other sites.


As now you are ready with your raw video, it is up to you that you want to edit the video or not. But, if you want to raise the viewer’s number you should definitely polish your raw video content. Well, there are many numbers of software available online and also offline that can be used for editing purpose. Make use of those to polish your raw work and make a high-quality video.


After the editing part, it is time to pack your video. Packing the video means basically you might have just edited few parts of the video, so in order to combine the whole content together, you do the packing process. Once your whole content is packed into a single video, it is ready for uploading.


This is the foremost step in video producing, as this is the step for which you underwent all the above steps. You can upload your video to whichever social media platform you want. For instance, you can upload it on Facebook or Twitter as a post or you can upload it as a video on YouTube or you can post it as an Ad. In this way, you upload and share your videos with the maximum number of viewers, which will lead to increase traffic to your website and so increase in sale.

These were the steps for video producing, now, as a bonus tip, we will share few website and software who provide you with free music and video footage and also a list of free tools that you can use for making your own video.




There are also some paid tools like Audio Jungle and Video Hive where you can find music, audio, and video footage.

Now, with all this necessary information it will become easy for you to create your own videos for your e-commerce business. So, never ever get afraid in a situation where you don’t have professionals around or when you are out of the budget, you can make your own videos yourself. You just need to have the belief and confidence in yourself that you can do it on your own. Also, share with us how this article was useful to you and your organization. If you want to know more about this topic do visit here.