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Process of Creating Incredible Video Explainer: 2023

How is an explainer video made? How long does video production take? Which are the main stages to make a quality explainer video? Today we’ll reveal all of the secrets; so, grab a pen, a cup of coffee and let’s start. Below are the steps we move through for explainer video production. Our goal is to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible for you.

A professional custom explainer video has many production stages.

Project Research

First start by defining more about you, your company, service or product. where you’re going to showcase it on the Internet. Should the tone be formal or informal? To ensure that goals and vision align with the client. also, collaborate with on discovering the pain points customers are experiencing. The frustrations they’re currently going through and the challenges they are trying to overcome. A professional explainer video company will usually have a meeting with you before starting the video production process. To start video from starch itself.

Creative Script Writing

The most important part of a video is the script. The goal is to draw in viewers with a video that’s tailored to their wants, needs and preferences. Has to get deliver the maximum snap in the shortest amount of time, as attention span is very short usually about 2-3 minutes. if the script isn’t good, it will not openly acknowledge or display well. So, for getting message conveyed efficiently and effectively you can appoint a specialist to write a script, or also can tell to the video making company itself for writing a script whichever is feasible for you.

Story Boarding

The storyboard process helps to make sure the visual style and story are matching to the vision and expectation. It also describes the actions like what happens and the visual aspects of the video. video should keep the viewers engaged with surprises and revisions. The storyboard also indicates camera shots and transitions, so it’s an important step to know what everything will look like at the end.


Most videos deliver a good portion of the content through a professional voiceover. Generally, using a voiceover allows a viewer to absorb information faster than having to read text onscreen. You have to pick the one that fits your brand and style. There are variety of voices that one has to choose like – male, female, corporate, casual. It’s important to hire a professional voice actor that’s also a native speaker of the country or of the target audience. If not, people won’t feel comfortable or emotionally close to the voice on the video.

Video Production

After the completion of your storyboard and voiceover, there is a start for building the first draft of the video. When it’s ready, the video is shared with the client to provide comments, suggestions and changes.

Sound Design

After the finishing touches, have been made to the video by the editors, professional sound experts add sound music and sound effects to bring explainer video to life. In some cases, sound and music plays a big role to create an impactful video.

Final Delivery

Upon final approval, the video making company will send over the completed video in the file which you have chosen to send it.

That’s it! At the end of the process you have an amazing video that will clearly explain your product or service in an entertaining and informative way.

So… use the video production process and put a little planning into your video… You’ll find that you’ll shoot great footage and have all the material that you need for your video… Every Time…!

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