Popular Tools for Broadcasting Live Video Online

Ph3-092816_king1Many times, you might have done video production and uploaded the video to many social media platforms. But, have you ever tried to broadcast yourself or an event for an audience to watch live? Like, in real time? No? Well, it is a really fun way to gain more and more consumers for your brand.

Many celebrities also use the live streaming video to connect with their fans. Well, thanks to the popular live broadcasting tools. You do not need to own any special requirements as long as you have a working camera, a microphone, built-in to your computer or smartphone or connected to separate devices.

Are you someone who wants to promote their business with live streaming videos? If yes, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will discuss all the popular tools for broadcasting live video online.

Let us have a look at the list

Facebook Live

Facebook is the biggest social media platform for live streaming videos. Facebook Live broadcasts your video to a huge audience across the world. Anybody with a Facebook profile or a page can reach a live audience on iOS and Android devices and Facebook Mentions. When you are broadcasting live, the video appears in the News Feed and on your profile or Page with a “live” indicator. When you end the broadcast, the video is still available for the viewers who were unable to catch you live. Also, it is up to you if you want to keep the video on your timeline or delete it.

Instagram Live Video

The Instagram live video works in the same manner as the Facebook live video. The only difference is that, once you end the live video it is available in the story section only for 24 hours. When you are live on your Instagram account, you will be able to see a comment section where you can chat with your consumers and also the number of people who are viewing your video. As we mentioned earlier, the video appears only in the story section and not on your profile. If you have a private account, then only the people you have approved as followers would be able to see you live.

YouTube Live

You might have seen many types of videos on Youtube, along with that it also has a live streaming section that you can access by clicking on “Live events” found in the Video Manager of your account. Once you verify your account and enable live streaming, set up your webcam and communicate with your audience in real time as they watch your broadcast. In this, you will be able to answer the questions of your consumers or you can also reply to their comments live.

IBM Cloud Video

The name itself tells you that this is a cloud-based platform, it is a tool which is used for the delivery of live video and on-demand content. It is a business-oriented tool, designed for large audiences for event streaming or marketing launches. The tool offers you a 30-day free trial of the Pro Plan which accommodates 100 to 5,000 viewer hours, 720p broadcasting, ad-free broadcasting, channel password protection and customization. The enterprise plan by the IBM Cloud Video is customized for your business.


If you are serious about your business live broadcast then, Livestream is the tool for you.  Livestream has the ability to hold over 10 million events annually and claims the title of world’s number one live video platform. The service provided by the Livestream is a high-quality service, easy to use and the company even promises fast and outstanding customer service. Livestream has three packages and it has been divided according to the level of an organization. The three packages are as follows:

  • Basic for beginners to video broadcasting
  • Premium for organizations and small companies
  • Enterprise for businesses with advanced live streaming needs

The Livestream tool’s free account has many different features, so you can definitely try out their live streaming product.

Periscope Producer

The social media platform, Twitter uses Periscope Producer for live broadcasting. Periscope Producers enables Twitter broadcasters to stream live video using Android and iOS smartphones and other sources. The live video automatically turns into a tweet as you end it and there is also a save option available once you end the live stream. It is also visible on the Periscope. You can also delete the posted video if you do not want it to be on your timeline.


If you own a company that makes video games or has anything related to video gaming then, twitch is the best platform for your live video streaming. Because it is platform mostly used by the video gaming fans who enjoy broadcasting their games live, watch other players, teach them, compete with them, etc. If video gaming is your thing, Twitch is the platform for you and if you have no connection with gaming, choose other platforms.


Bambuser’s main focus is to make its mobile video sharing easy to use. It is an Irish technology that makes low latency, live video capabilities possible and makes the distribution of HD mobile live video easy. It is a well-positioned site which meets the mobile live video stream needs of an individual or an organization. You can install the Bambuser application on iOs and even on android mobile phones. The service also accessible through computers and laptops with webcams or cameras. It offers you a free trial and then there are three premium packages, namely, Basic, Standard, and Plus.


If your business’s biggest concern is interaction with your consumers, Tinychat is the tool for you. It is an online video chat community that is mostly used for casual communication. It gives you an option to set up your own video chat room in any category or topic and invite other users to join, or you can join an existing room to view and chat.

This is the list of  popular tools for broadcasting live video online. If you want to know more about this topic, do visit this blog by lifewire. Also, do let us know your views on this blog in the comment section below.