How to Script your Video?


Have you seen the ad of Nescafe which covers the story about a stammered boy? What made it successful and effective?  Yes, it’s their script which is planned and analyzed carefully. It’s heartwarming story which became the emotional factor connected the audience throughout the video which helped them to create an impact in the mind of the end viewers and change perspective about the product. If you have noticed that at the beginning you won’t know what product it is advertising but as the story goes on, the product is introduced slowly. The ad concludes with the stand-up comedian crediting his success to Nescafé-“Thank God for coffee. It kept me going and kept you awake”.  Initially, the Video when posted exclusively on social media has earned good praise from the audience. This is what a scripting can do. A well planned script can do wonders to your video.


What is Scripting?

It basically means documenting the idea before taking any further decision. We can also refer it to the blueprint of the idea. Scripting the video helps to deliver your messages correctly to the end viewer without confusing them and also helps to edit the script easily as needed instead of making the video and later due to some error changing it which is grueling and a waste of time and resources. Scripting also removes the burden of memorizing as the human brain is limited by time. It is very important to script the video before making it. Some points need to be kept in mind before scripting Video:


  • Clear your Goal

You should know the purpose of the making the video. There should be a story which should relate to the video and your targeted audience. Before you write, outline the goal and identify the elements to your videos.

  • Keep the explainer short

The video should be short and simple. It should explain the purpose at one go and should not confuse the audience. The video should be scripted in such a manner that message should be conveyed properly without hurting one’s feeling.

  • Right Selection of words

There should be ‘YOU’ factor in the video. The video should always address the viewer’s using personal pronouns like “you” and “your”. One way to engage them is to show them that you care about them and things they care deeply about.

  • Have a story

Facts, statistics, and definition are okay for classroom teaching where student have no option rather listen. But here viewers have the option to switch to other options. So there should always be a story, better the way you tell the story the more likely to make the customer understand what your company is offering for them.

  • Use humor wisely

Humor is a great tool for storytelling and there should be some humor to engage the audience but it should.

  • Review from Customer Perspective

Once you have scripted your story, the next step is to analyze and look from the end viewers prospective. You have to see whether they will understand the concept properly as presented to them and whether it is relevant to customers. Even though your objective is to promote the brand, it success relies on whether or not the viewer’s connects to it.


Scripting your video

It starts with an idea. The idea should be well formulated in the mind and should be scripted down and workshop your ideas till you are confident about it. It is also preferable to gather your sample audience and get the feedback from them as in the end of the day the end viewers should like your video, not yourself.


Making of Video

It is done in 3 phase:


Think from your perspective, if the start of the video is not interesting then will you proceed to watch it further? So the first 15-20 seconds plays a crucial part to grab attentions and avoid them to switch to other videos. You should buy the audience in the early part of the video by giving them the purpose of watching the video over other videos.

Body of content

The main phase of the video where actual message is delivered.  It gives the additional information about the product. Here you have to brand the product and maintain the audience. This is the most important part of the video as it is that part of the video that the audience has come to watch. It will also help the user engagement if you add some kind of call to action at the end of the introduction or beginning of the body of content like ask them a question and request them to leave a comment below.

Call to action

After providing the viewer with information, the next thing is to tell them the call of action. It will be a waste if you provide them with all the product information but don’t tell them the availability of product or sites to make the purchases. So the video should end with the call to action information.

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