Ad Film Maker in Mumbai

Ad films are one of the best ways of engaging audiences. Brands use television and digital ads to boost their image. In Mumbai, there are many advertising companies producing excellent advertising.

Video Explainer Mumbai has established the strongest relationship with brands through the stories it creates.

Our mission at Video Explainer Mumbai advertising agency is to help our clients establish their businesses by providing comprehensive advertising solutions. It's also one of the most strongly recommended marketing companies because it knows what the market wants and how branding can help it grow.

An ad film agency mainly works on the creative side of the business and conceptualizes and creates creative ads and is also involved in the overall ad film production services business.

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What do ad agencies do?

A good advertising agency is similar to a tailor. It creates the ads, plans how, when, and where they will be distributed, and then delivers them to the client. The majority of advertising agencies are independent of any organization. These companies go to great lengths to promote the products of their clients.

How do the ad agencies work?

As part of their services, advertising agencies help businesses plan, implement, and evaluate their advertising campaigns. most ad film agencies have four main functions - client servicing, media planning and buying, creative, and account planning.

  • Client servicing: This is the main point of contact between clients and creative services. They get to know their clients' goals and communications preferences.

  • Creative services: Copywriting and visual art teams are creative services. They create campaigns depending on the client's needs, goals, and target audience.

  • Media planning and buying: This team investigates and selects the finest media outlets for each campaign.

  • Account planning: For the creative services department, this team gathers client needs, markets, goals, and previous approaches.

  • Top Commercial Video Production Companies

    Below you can find some of the best production houses in Mumbai.

    1. The Jigsaw

    Corporate films, product demo videos, and commercial films are the best ways to promote your company. Corporate films are the finest approach to engaging and educating your audience. Jigsaw is a skilled corporate video production firm in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. You can get the contact details from the link below.

    Website:- https://thejigsaw.in/

    2. Video Explainer Mumbai

    Video Explainer in Mumbai is one of the corporate ad filmmakers located in Aamchi, Mumbai. We help our corporate clients and customers maximize their digital multimedia marketing results. A business, brand, service, product, or event can be effectively presented using our explainer videos in Mumbai. Our extensive choice of corporate video services can match any need and we will provide you the ad film production at the best price.

    Website:- https://www.videoexplainermumbai.in/

    3. The Manifest

    During your search for the ideal commercial production business, keep in mind four traits. Begin by finding out if the production service outsources work. This ensures the most crucial steps of your ad are done by pros. Second, ask for demos and short film video reels, but the emphasis on client samples and evaluations. Third, seek price quotations from 3-5 businesses. Finally, clearly describe your vision and goals to select a company that shares them.

    Website:- https://themanifest.com

    4. Beverly Boy

    We produce high-quality videos for top companies around the US. Our corporate videos will help you with sales, training, marketing, and customer service. Please consider us for your next project. Simply call us and speak with a decision-maker to expedite your project's production. We will expedite the entire process for you from pre-production to post-production once we gather your crew needs, location, and project logistics.

    Website:- https://beverlyboy.com

    5. Mind Frame India

    Mind Frame India, a leading advertising agency, was founded.

    This event features a panel of creative directors who work in marketing, branding, creative writing, and filmmaking. We have worked with some of the world's most well-known brands, including Microsoft, HP, and Dell. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work on numerous successful creative marketing projects thanks to our experience working with a variety of marketing and media organizations.

    Website:- https://www.mindframeindia.com

    6. Viewfindr Films

    Viewfindr Films is a video production firm with offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. Every video we generate has a visual story at its core. Every time we go in the shower, we practice our hypothetical Oscar acceptance speech for Best Film, and the movie theatre is where we feel most at home. We believe that our dedication to story sets us apart from other production companies. Among the talented folks who make up the Viewfindr Films crew are a slew of up-and-coming filmmakers.

    Website:- https://www.viewfindrfilms.com

    7. Kreative Access Media

    With our video and content creation capabilities, we aim to understand the context in which a piece of communication operates. Are there any more episodes to come? Alternatively, would you prefer to have it on a microsite? This is what keeps us up at night and reliant on sugary beverages.

    Website:- https://kreativeaccessmedia.com

    8. Brand Shape

    In order to make your journey enjoyable, we at Brand Shape make communicating “Simple”. To help you stand out, we generate simple concepts and execute them with passion. The globe is your canvas, and we supply the right easel for your Marketing Campaign.

    Brand Shape is an ad agency and production house situated in Mumbai, India. Services include branding, advertising, celebrity brand endorsements, production, print campaigns, and 360° product photography for e-commerce sites.

    Website:- http://brandshape.in

    9. Blue Magic Films

    BMF was born in 2009 out of a desire to provide clutter-free programming. With a focus on youth, factual entertainment, travel, adventure, and lifestyle, we are now an established dynamic end-to-end production house.

    Website:- https://bluemagicfilms.in

    How much does it cost to create a video ad?

    The cost to produce a 30-second commercial could run you as little as Rs. 105,000. Simple video productions with Script, location, technology, post-production requirement, and a professional voice-over could be the short answer to your initial goal.

    What is the ad filmmaking process?

    Ad film production houses follow a streamlined process for the production of ads. The ad film agency may also outsource the production of the filmmaking.

    Script - The base of any ad film or for that matter any video production process is the script. The script decides all other variables like locations, actors, scenes, and so on. It is the backbone of the ad film or tv commercial, which conveys the message that the client wants to convey.

    Pre-Production - During this time, a rough script is drafted, and then Fixing of location, fixing of actors, getting the props are ready (if required), booking the equipment, and getting everything is ready for the shoot.

    Production - This is the actual stage of shooting the ad. This is the phase where we shoot the ad on a specific location, with a specific cast, and with all the technical and creative inputs required.

    A film production house in Mumbai schedule is put together, which contains timelines, shot lists, and locations for the filmmaking process.

    Post Production - When it comes to developing an ad film the films are generated and shared with them until the final product is created. Editing, VFX, color grading, and mastering of the ad.

    There may be a variety of formats such as music videos or other video services for viewing the finished corporate video, depending on the pre-production decisions made during the production process. Videos on all types of devices can be played in mp4 format.

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