Training Video Production in Mumbai

Training Video Production in Mumbai

Digital advancement and technology have taken swift gear over almost all industries, businesses, and most importantly the public. The digital portrayal is smoothly converting from a demand to a necessity. This virtual medium is found in the majority. 

Videography is such a digital tool that records and showcases visual representations of many events. It captures important corporate events and telecasts them to millions of virtual audiences. Videography has connected people from all over the world. It is a great tool for a company to communicate to its audience sitting in their homes. 

Following blog deals with one such section of videography. Training videos are gaining more popularity every day. There is always a requirement to learn and to train. Training videos are a smart way to train students, employees, and other involved members through a single video. 

The following elaborates on this concept, including the explanation for the subject, "training videos", its different types, benefits in the E-commerce world, and reasons to invest in such video production. The blog also contains a list of the Top 10 Training Video Production Companies in Mumbai. 

What is a Training Video?

Training Video Production in Mumbai

The term Training stands for the process that explains methods to perform a particular task. In this light, training videos explain a particular task through digital means. The goal of the training videos is to spread knowledge and insights on how to fulfill a job efficiently. 

These videos are very helpful to learn an activity by sitting at home. A single person can share his knowledge with hundreds of people through one video. Training videos have come out as a smart option to train several people without the worries of accommodation and management. 

5 Types of Training Videos

1. Instructor-Led Training Videos

Training Video Production in Mumbai

In such a training video, an instructor takes the lead and verbally explains the steps and tricks that one must apply to get the output. 

This is a very typical or common type of training video. Since a single person is continuously instructing throughout the videos, the viewers may lose interest midway. 

In such situations, the editing team must make the video more interesting by including background graphics related to the topic being explained. It is also the responsibility of the instructor to keep his speech short, crisp, and informative. 

2. Animated Training Videos

Animated videos are entirely graphic based with creative animation changing continuously. The instructor is absent in these types of videos. However, his voice will govern the flow of the animated video. 

Animated Training Videos are used to explain complex concepts that require diagrams, graphs, or real-life scenario representation. 

3. Demonstration Training Videos

These videos are also known as "How to do" videos. Demonstration videos involve a person who demonstrates the task to be performed. It is an effective and efficient way to spread knowledge engagingly. 

It is similar to a chef cooking his recipe, who explains and cooks simultaneously. It is based on steps, where the person in charge explains each step and demonstrates it at the same time. These videos are comparatively simple or rather simplify a complex concept or task. 

4. Screencast Training Videos

It deals with software-related concepts. When you record your screen, and use this video in training others, it is called Screencast Training Videos. 

To explain it, in a more simplified manner, a software-based task is performed by a programmer, and the screen for the same is recorded at the same time. Then this video is shared to explain to others to perform the same steps in the same order to get the desired results. 

5. HSE Training Videos

HSE stands for Health, Safety, and Environment; such videos are meant to train while keeping these three terms in mind. They are meant to spread awareness among employees. This includes the safety rules and regulations, and probable threats. HSE videos explain company-specific safety practices. 

In coal factories, mines, or power/steel manufacturing companies use these videos to explain to the laborers the precautions that must be taken while working. 

Benefits of Training Videos

Smart Way to Train

Training videos are a smart way to train employees or other members as it serves multi-purposes. Not only is it more engaging but also cost-effective. You can connect to hundreds of people without the tension of physically accommodating them. Digital is the word of the town and therefore one must adapt to the changes with time. 

Connect to Larger Audience

You can connect to hundreds and thousands by producing one training video. Yes, by one video, isn't that wonderful? This is the power of technology. One video can be digitally shared with several people and they can access the video by sitting in their homes. 

For example, a training program needs to be conducted manually and ones who miss such programs cannot recapture the significant details shared. At such a time, videos help the employees to get knowledge and not feel left out. 

Cost Effective for Both the Parties

Videos are cost-effective for both parties and the same principle is applied here. Video production is a one-time investment, and it can be reused again and again for new people joining an organization. 

Available at your Time 

The best fact about these videos is you can journey back and forth the training video at your convenience and in your time. You can comfortably concentrate on the training videos which makes videos more effective and engaging. This is one of the flexible aspects of videography services. 

Why Should You Invest In Quality Training Video Production? 

Better Engagement

The videos always turn out to be more engaging as the viewer can go back to the topics not understood without hesitation, an easy option to go back and forth, pause, and increase the speed of the videos. These attributes make this medium of training. A study has shown that more than 70% of consumers prefer to learn about the products through videos as visual representation is always more effective. 

Worth it Investment

Investing in Training videos is always a better option. This is because the process of manually training the employees will cost more and once the new batch enters, the entire training program needs to be reconducted. But a training video can be used and again used. Therefore, this type of investment is everlasting as one video can be shown to the present batch as well as can be saved for future ones. 

Step Up with the Trend

You don't want to be left behind in this digital race, do you? Well, then videography is one such emerging tool that is becoming a necessity in today's market. The quality of the visual representation of your company marks your standard. Training is an integral part of any corporate foundation. Therefore, one must invest in Training Videos and step up with the trend.