Whiteboard Explainer Video in Mumbai

What is whiteboard animated explainer?

An explainer video is a short-form video that displays a company's product, service, or business idea, corporate videos in a captivating and efficient manner. It is best medium for marketing or sales purposes. Explainer videos are typically seen on landing pages or on the homepage of a company's website. Some people even utilize these films to promote their products or services on Facebook and other social media platforms.

In less than 2 minutes, animated explainer videos assist to express difficult topics in a clear, entertaining, and relevant way. They seek to explain your company's goods (or services) in a way that connects with your target audience's pain areas, promoting your answer as the best option. They are one of the most powerful resources for content marketers today.

Here are the essential features of an explainer video, as well as what you'll need to know to make one.

Are whiteboard videos effective?

An explainer movie with whiteboard animation is often used to market a product or discuss a system. Whiteboard animation movies are fantastic for conveying difficult concepts. Whiteboard animation might help your audience pay attention and remember what you're saying.

Here are nine compelling reasons to explore whiteboard animation.

1. Your concept is intricate

A whiteboard video can help you describe a complicated or highly sophisticated product or system. People are often bored when listening to explanations, and the more complex the explanations are, the more difficult it is to concentrate.

Using a high-quality whiteboard animation video to get your point through can retain high attention for as long as the corporate video is playing, whether you're pushing a product on a squeeze page or presenting a new business procedure with your staff. This is because whiteboard animations are quick-moving, visually detailed, and frequently colorful, making them simple and enjoyable to watch—for as long as the concept has to be explained.

2.You must cover a large number of topics at once

A whiteboard video is perfect if you need to cover a lot of material in your presentation for reasons similar to those listed above. You may include a lot of distinct ideas in the same film without losing audience attention since ideas flow visually while the narrator narrates what's going on.

3. You must attract the attention of another company

White board animation movies are just as powerful for B2B marketing as they are for consumer marketing. Whiteboard animation's industrial-yet-casual aesthetic works very well in a business setting.

When approaching other firms with your offer, whiteboard animation services might provide you a major advantage over competitors.

4. At all costs, you want to avoid bad actors

You don't need to employ actors to play in your induction training videos if you use whiteboard animation. This not only saves money, but it may also save you a lot of embarrassment—good, convincing performers are hard to come by, and terrible ones will have your audience squirming the entire time. Animation completely eliminates this issue.

5. You intend to market via social media

If you want to utilize YouTube or social media advertisements to promote your business, whiteboard animation movies are ideal. People enjoy them, so you'll get a lot of views and clicks—and maybe sales.

(Fun fact: Did you realize that every month, 300 billion searches are made on YouTube alone? If you want a piece of that traffic, whiteboard animation videos could be the way to go.)

6. You would want to tell a narrative

Nobody does it better than whiteboard animation services when it comes to telling a portion of your brand's narrative through video marketing. Disney demonstrated over a century ago that animation is an extraordinarily effective means of telling tales.

7. You want to make a joke

Whiteboard animation is one of the most effective methods to bring humor into your corporate video presentation. When amateur performers try to be humorous on camera, they can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, but whiteboard animation's laid-back visual approach can transmit comedy effortlessly.

8. You'd want to repurpose obsolete audio files

You may combine existent audio with whiteboard animation to reuse other sorts of content you have hanging around, such as a podcast episode or a speech you delivered. This will allow you to make the most of stuff you've previously developed while also giving it fresh life.

9. The subject you must discuss is really dull

If you're attempting to convey something tedious but necessary, such as legal words, whiteboard animation services can help you do it successfully. When something is graphically conveyed, people learn more effectively. When combined with narrative, animation can assist your audience grasp and remember what you're saying.

That concludes the nine reasons why whiteboard animation services is beneficial to businesses. These ideas for employing whiteboard animation services should hopefully have inspired you.

How much does a explainer video cost?

Whiteboard animation expenses, like most other explainer videos formats, are affected by a variety of factors. The entire cost of your video is determined by the total animation time, character style, and timetable pace. Our price is calculated by multiplying artist hours by video length. Our expertise at the production studio can assist you in making the most of your money.

Check out our pricing chart. Our fees include everything, including screenplay consultation, audio, artwork, animation, and the finished product. We can work with a wide range of budgets!

Important information regarding animated explainer videos.

The goal of any communication is to leave a lasting impression on the audience, and visual communications are more successful in persuading people to act.

Whether it's to instill healthy habits that benefit our lives and the environment, or to assist a potential buyer in making a purchasing decision, we're here to help.

Animated Explainer videos offer a lot of potential as a medium for communicating your message.

This awareness has prompted more marketers to enter the space and reap the rewards before their competitors do.

The market has a lot of untapped potential that may be accessed through current media such as social media. Because animated explainer video services are a product of modernity and development, they are particularly positioned to be effective across a wide range of innovative media channels.

It also aids purchase decisions because potential customers are not required to read through pages of technical specs and user instructions to acquire a sense of the product.

Under typical circumstances, a buyer will not want to spend much time on such issues. Instead, people want to examine rival offers based on key criteria and quickly assess the product.

Any marketer who has utilized this product can attest to its success in attracting new client and reducing the amount of time it takes to persuade a clients to make a purchase. These product demo videos also help to drive traffic to the website and online store by encouraging users to stay longer on the page. They assist with the introduction of new ideas and goods.

When compiling this list, we looked at a variety of factors. Cost factors did play a part, but they don't tell the entire story because a high price doesn't always imply certain outcomes. The firms listed below have extensive expertise, skill, and track records in the sector. Furthermore, they are creative and unique in their own right.

List of top 10 whiteboard explainer video company

The following businesses made our list because they demonstrated their abilities and have a strong portfolio. So here's the list:

1. Video Explainer Mumbai

Video Explainer Mumbai is another top-notch corporate video marketing producing company situated in Mumbai. They work with a variety of clientele, both domestic and foreign.

They specialize on corporate training and orientation movies, as well as event and media marketing videos, search engine optimization, and e-commerce marketing. They also have motion graphics, animation services, 2D animation, and 3D animation experience.

2. Ripple Animations

The key expertise of this animation studio, based in Mumbai, is making animated explainer movies that promote business growth and promise to greatly enhance sales and efficiency.

Explainer videos, corporate videos, IT explainer videos, Product Demo Videos, How-To Videos, social media videos, and logo animations are among their offerings. They provide cost-effective services by working with specialized teams backed by data-driven insights.

3. Brand Animators

Brand Animators is a multinational organization recognized for putting a unique spin on its work that is both intelligent and innovative in captivating manner . They're also noted for their live activity creations and predictable turnaround times for each development step.

Their whole development process revolves around easy communication and on-time delivery. Explainer videos, whiteboard animations, induction training movies, ad films, sales videos, graphic designing and product videos are all created by this talented and experienced creative team. They're interested in both 2D animation and 3D animation.

4. Video for Everyone

VideosForEveryone.com is a video production firm situated in Mumbai that specializes in creating pictures for broadcast. They specialize in content production and generate immersive and interactive videos. They also have a strong desire to convey a compelling tale that will captivate audience of their client agencies and businesses.

The skilled team has worked with some of the world's most well-known businesses, bringing focus and building partnerships. Corporate films, brand videos, startup pitch videos, animated explainer video, product videos, digital marketing, 2D animation, and 3D animation are among the services they provide.

5. MotionGility

That's right, that's us. We are proud to be one of the leading firms in the field of animated explainer videos at Motiongility. Over 141 startups and 537 world-leading organizations have benefited from our services, earning the confidence of clients from all industries.

We serve companies of all shapes and sizes, large and small, by providing only the best-in-class movies to each customer. Furthermore, our constant commitment and adherence to the proper film making procedure enable us to consistently produce.

Motiongility provides the complete package, offering bespoke, high-quality movies that fit your marketing requirements. For instance, we provide our clients with the following sorts of increase sales short video:

Our films will stand out and set you apart from the competition, giving you a distinct online presence and assuring your success.

6. Capsicum MediaWorks

Capsicum Media Works is known for coming up with unique solutions. They have a propensity of sticking out and drawing audience attention with the use of innovative methods and cutting-edge technology. Their motto is "Client success equals Our success," which motivates them to properly prepare every project to give value to the client.

Furthermore, their online professionals are up to date and use their abilities to add panache. Explainer videos, social media marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, and site design are among their specialties.

7. Vidsaga

Vidsaga is a new explainer videos with a strong and devoted team of people that are passionate about both films and technology. They also have social media videos, demo videos, offer corporate videos and product videos in addition to explainer videos. Clients from over 15 nations also have faith in them. They are a group of efficient people that strive to communicate ideas in the clearest and most appealing way possible.

8. Orange Videos

Orange animated Videos is a video production company in Mumbai that was founded in 2016. Their modest yet professional workspace and work culture combine the advantages of a large production facility with a boutique studio. They also assist induction training videos in elevating their brands and achieving their marketing objectives.

Orange Videos uses both 2D animation and 3D animation in their commercials. Some of the services provided include corporate video, explainer video, and product video. Working in 8 languages with over 100 customers, each project has a dedicated creative producer and project manager.

9. Kreative Garage Studios

Kreative Garage Studios is a 360-degree media company in Mumbai. Entertainment, rebranding, events, conceptual, production, public relations, internet marketing, print & digital media, and modern online and media solutions are some of their specialties.

They provide services such as explainer videos and whiteboard animation, corporate films and ad films, digital marketing, website and graphic design, 3D views and walkthroughs, and virtual reality since they are dedicated innovators. They also have a number of big multinational corporations as clientele.

10. Motion Magic Media

Over 30 international clients have trusted this one-stop-shop for high-end Digital Video Production company in Mumbai. They create films in a manner that complements and communicates the brand. As a result of this attitude, no two videos quality are alike. They begin by determining the marketing objectives and incorporating advertising concepts into the film, emphasizing each brand's distinctiveness. They do explainer videos, corporate videos, commercials, and 2D animation and 3D animations.

If you are interested in having professional explainer videos in Mumbai, then just drop a mail and we will get back to you with the details. Do follow our blog section for more information on video marketing.