Video Animation Company in Mumbai

We are a video animation company based in Mumbai and with associates across India. In the video animation field we provide all kinds of animation services like 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, whiteboard and stop motion.

At Video Explainer Mumbai, we are a team of extremely passionate individuals who strive each day to give you the best. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the animated video fulfill your branding, sales and informational goals in every way possible.

The process of making the animated video starts with discussions on your purpose. We send you a questionnaire or discuss the details on a video call. After that the creative team discusses various ideas and the best of the ideas are presented to you for your approval. Once you give us the approval, we start the process of working on the script.

The scripting process normally takes a couple of days. After this get your approval on the script and the process moves towards preparing a visual storyboard. The visual storyboard process can take from 2-4 days depending on the duration of the video and the complexity of the storyline.

After the visual storyboard is approved then the process of animation, voiceover and final mastering of the video takes place. We believe that this process is the most important thing for a video animation company to follow and it ensures that we are able to meet the expectations of the client.

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