7 Strategies to Help Generate Creative Ideas

When it comes to this topic, there are two kinds of people. One, who’s always with a mindset of doing something creative, and the other (most people are of this kind) who never does anything creative. Apathy is the reason in the second category of people, the who-cares-about-being-creative kind. They don’t have the enthusiasm to do out-of-box. Well, now or then everyone comes to a point where they have to be creative when an ambitious boss demands it, or a strict class teacher orders it and so many. The following strategies may come in handy in situations when you are in soup.

1. A lot happens around you. Just watch it

People(mostly the second kind) often when they are idle, either browse through the news feed on Facebook and Instagram or sleep listening to music. And when they had to be creative, people expect the best idea to bud instantly in their minds. Too much to be expected by doing so little. Observing the hustle around you is one of the strategies to generate creative ideas. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, you may very well relate to this strategy. The world around you will never cease to amaze you, only you should have the ability to see it through the chaos, and the ideas will come rushing to you like the water of the river. This strategy also helps people with creative blocks.

2. Do you have a routine, then break it.

You need aberrant behavior to be creative. A routine that you follow daily may hinder creative ideas from entering your mind. If you are not creative about your routine, how do you expect the ideas to be creative? Do something different daily. Not having a timetable is good. This is brain exercise. Without routine, you have to think of doing something new daily; you can be creative there too.

3. Read, Read, Read, and after that…. Read some more.

Reading will simulate thinking. With reading, you expand your knowledge about a topic. Increased knowledge, therefore, helps create new ideas. With knowledge of what you read, you will know the limitations, and problems concerned in that area, and finding solutions creatively may help you. Browse the internet, you will get to know new things, popular ideas that worked out, and ideas from which you can make money. The success stories will inspire you enough. The world is full of problems. Choose some that interest you and find solutions for them.

4. Got an idea?… Write it down.

If you get an idea, though a lame one, record it because it is important that you get it. And if you are thinking a lot and forget to write down you may, very well, miss the very best idea you got. By writing down all the ideas you got, you will improve your level of thinking. You will understand your level of problem-solving and helps you get better with your ideas.  

5. Breathe it out.. Start fresh.

If you get stuck in a creative block, which occurs when you are thinking too hard, but never come up with a new idea. You will have to take a break. Stop thinking. Yes, I am right. Stop thinking. Give yourself a break. Do something that is totally detached from what you’re thinking about. Play some music, listen to songs, and watch a movie. This will refresh your brain. This is very important, as you need a clean mind to get new ideas again.

6. Got friends?…. Then discuss.

Socialize with other friends other than your regular ones. Have debates with your friends. Group discussions will help you get a different perspective on the problem at hand. One cannot think about something from all perspectives, and this strategy will help you with that. I remember the English lesson in my school where we use hats of different colors to divide the problem among our friends. With every hat, you just need to think about the part you are assigned to. Like if you are wearing a green hat, you just need to think about the positives in the solution to the problem. With everyone’s input, it will get easier to think of an idea to solve it.

7. Reverse brainstorming will help generate new ideas.

In reverse brainstorming, instead of thinking about the solution, think of how to create that problem in a new way. This will expand your thought process. Creating a problem can be more difficult than solving one. So a good problem creator can be an efficient problem solver.

Reading thrillers and mystery novels will help you create new ideas. Writing stories of your own and including plots and twists is both fun and effective. If you are writing down the ideas somewhere, go through them regularly to see if you can connect any of the ideas together. Prioritize the ideas. You should not only to good at creating ideas, but you should also be good at eliminating them. Never start thinking without complete knowledge of the problem. Half-knowledge is worse than having no knowledge at all. If you are not able to decide, explain your ideas to your friends or some professional experts., they may suggest if it is good or bad. You should be amenable. Be open to suggestions.

A Chinese businessman claims that staying for a while inside the swimming pool will help him get new ideas. How silly is that, but it is true. You may laugh at that, but he is making millions out of it. Many companies go to him for creative marketing strategy ideas.

In the end, it all boils down to the enthusiasm that you have. You should have an interest in accomplishing something. Without your interest, no strategy can help you. It resembles the saying “You can take a horse to the river, but cannot make it drink water.”

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