Animated Videos’ Deadliest Weapon:2023

Animation videos are hugely underused but if we see in reality, the animated videos have taken the world by storm. So what is the reason for any business or marketer, that they should incorporate animated videos in their marketing strategy?

Storytelling! Storytelling is the most obvious and the beneficial reason for any business to incorporate an animated video in their marketing strategy. Even the most complex concept can be easily explained and distilled into a linear narrative and easy-to-digest way that hits its message home with precision and simplicity. Live action video and Character animation or any other video, in particular, is also highly relatable, memorable and can generate an emotional response in the mind of any viewer.

So in this article, you will get to know about the deadliest weapons of any animated video that can hit the target of any business with minimum efforts.


We know that anywhere in the world a smiling face by anyone represents the much in the same a smiling face. Similarly, a simple and neutral animated character fascinates to a broader audience and this lets for increased identification in that character which otherwise would be switched by a real human physical trait and characteristics. By the same token, animation surpasses cultural margins, making it the ideal way for use across numerous territories and markets.


To keep the focus on the core message of the video, animated video unlike live action, brands to remove all the extra visual information and keep the video simply focused on the core message of the video.


Another weapon of animated videos is, they enable uncomfortable and sensitive materials (such as animal poaching) to be conveyed in a softer and less graphic way.


The great thing about creating an animated video is displaying complex information in a simpler manner. Here to get your point across and to understand it, you don’t have to pile loads of information. If your video includes some detailed charts and graphs, you can guide your spectators through them with a voice over which maintains the professionalism.

Clever and Funny

Injecting a humour in any of the animated videos is easier for any brand as compared to injecting in any live video. Thus animation is one of the easiest ways for brands to inject a dose of humour into their messaging but it’s also the perfect medium for instructional films.


Finally, no other format is as customisable as animation. Each detail can be manipulated and with the addition of sound effects and voice over, additional layers and nuances can be added to create a fully immersive visual experience.

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