How Much Does It Cost To Make A 2D Animation Explainer Video?

There has been a lot of demand for explainer videos in the marketing industry nowadays. And why not, these explainer videos are quite engaging and can promote a product or a service in hardly 60-90 seconds. These can be made in a variety of types, animated being a very good option. Although when you start looking for your options, there is a very high chance that you will get confused about the pricing that goes with it.

Making explainer videos is not a generic task and the cost of making these can vary widely depending upon your preferences. So what are the things that need to be taken into consideration while drafting a budget for these? What are the factors that you should prioritize? Find out all this in this article as I will take you through all the aspects that you will need to understand while spending on an animated explainer video.

So what does the price range really look like?

An animated explainer video will cost you anything between 5k to 50k for 30 seconds depending on the quality that you want to go for. To look at the facts, companies like Apple or Google spend a lot more than these prices.

Before you decide how much you want to spend and what all you want in the video, it is suggested that you understand the process with a little bit of abstraction. With that, you can understand which parts you can compromise on and cannot.

The Process

The actual process of making an explainer video starts with research. The video makers will dig deep into the product and the brand that is going to be promoted through the video. Once the research is complete, a detailed plan will be made to carry out the production process.

The next step is writing an engaging script and revising it. This is one part that needs to be done right. Make sure the videos that are made by the company you are looking to hire are good enough.

The work of making a storyboard will follow this. The storyboard will give you an idea of how your story will flow. You will also get to see a few still frames to get an idea. The other tasks that are also important to take into consideration are the actual process of animation and also the voiceover and the sound design. Keep in mind all these aspects and make sure that the company you choose to go with has a good service in regard to all of them.

The package that your company might be offering might not have everything you need. Here is a list of a few questions that you can ask your producer before making the final booking.

  • Do they expect you to come up with your own script or they have professional copywriters who will do the task of writing an engaging and influential script?
  • What is the is quality of the music that they are planning to offer you? Some companies just settle for stock music which is not a very decent choice.
  • How professional are they when it comes to a sound designer?
  • Will the video include Sound FX? This is ideal if you want a stunning video that everyone will remember.

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