Rules For Better Product Demos

Rules For Better Product Demos

Product demos include all the essential things required for a sales promotion. It can go amazingly well as it more than a presentation. Your product is being presented to clients and showing them how it functions. Although, there’s a good chance that it may go horribly wrong as well. Technical glitches and problems may come in the way of a good demo and can hurt the reputation of the company as well as the product.
There’s nothing better than a strong product demo. A successful demo will leave the client contemplating on buying the product he is he making a mistake by not buying.

1) Customizing The Demos

Every customer is unique. With a different thinking and will sure to have a different perspective about your product. Before you present the product, make sure you’ve done your homework on the client. Go through their press releases, conference proceedings, annual reports and also the client’s published interviews to understand the demonstration context. Do collect specific details about the group you’ll be presenting your demo and later try to match the data and contents.

2) A Customer’s Story

You must understand that you’re not just presenting how your product works but also how your product will benefit the customer’s case. The problems or grievances faced by the customers must have a bridge connecting with every feature that your product contains. You can do this in two ways, One that will be effective to the people and the other that won’t be that effective.To give a testimony on behalf of the customer, you must understand the issues they face. Try being in their shoes and see. Your product demo will be a successful one if you manage to show the effectiveness in your products problem solving. “Like in a restaurant, if they are about to run out of supplies or produce, your product must be able to locate any excess supply at other suppliers or shops using the query system. After locating their resources and selecting the source, shipping orders will be sent for new supplies.”

3) Rehearse your presentations 

If you compare presentations with demos, presentations are much easier to do. But while giving a demo there are many things to be looked after. Your focus must be on the customer as well as the effect that the customer will be having due to the demo and also demonstration mechanics. It is going to be a total train wreck if you do not practice it at least thrice. If you think you can just walk in a give a successful presentation, then you’re wrong. There are a good number of sales representatives who live in the bubble that they can give a good demonstration without rehearsing. Don’t be one of them because you know what could happen.

4) Test Everything Beforehand –

A shabby demo leaves the customer under the impression that either you were not at all prepared for the demo, which means the customer will be making a mistake if in case he still buys the product or the product is useless and absolutely of no good, even under not so complicated circumstances or even both the cases for that matter.
Also, don’t forget to go with a back-up plan. Don’t be under the impression that everything will be working that day. Equipment may or may not work that day and trying to make up fillers in the gap could save your demo.

5) Don’t Repeat and No Jargon

If you keep repeating things in your demo, your customers will be really bored. Try to restrict the explaination of a feature of your product more than once. On the other hand, it is understandable if you have to use the same feature to solve a different type of issue.
Another tip, avoid the use of phrases like “leading edge” or “best in the business”. It will only make you look like as if you’re trying too hard. Focus on the fact that how your product or service will benefit the client’s firm and not how it operates internally.

6) Be Flexible

There’s a chance that the customers may want to have a hold on the demo. It’s alright to go along with the suggestions the customer gives. You don’t have to always go through as per your script. Listen to them also or else you’ll end up annoying them.
Also, you need to prove it to the clients that your sales claims are true. Make sure you reinforce it in your demonstration. It must portray what you’re offering which isactually important to the clients.

So these were a list of the things you need to be careful while giving a product demo. Try to imply these points while making and giving out a demo for your product. If you liked what you’ve read, do share this post and share the word. Thanks for reading.

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