ultimate guide to whiteboard animation

Ultimate Guide to Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard animation video is a short, animated film created in front of the audience. It is a form of explanation video. Whiteboard animation is a video technique that shows static graphics being created on the screen to the viewer. The pictures are usually accompanied by narration that guides the listener through the story being delivered through the drawing. These animations are simple, but they are engaging. 

The whiteboard animation video is not a new concept! 

During serious discussions or simple classroom learning, the speaker or teacher often uses the whiteboard or blackboard to explain certain things through drawings and diagrams. The same concept is applied in Whiteboard animation videos.  

Why Whiteboard Animation Video And Not Description? 

  • According to studies, customers are more interested in watching product videos than reading the long description about the one. Moreover, a human mind remembers what they see for a much more extended period than descriptive reading. So, a message conveyed through a whiteboard animation video leaves a more effective impression on the human mind. 
  • A whiteboard animation video can be an extremely effective tool. They are a creative and exciting way to promote and advertise any services or products. The whiteboard animation video can be customized to various industries without the clutter that other types of videos have. 
  • A whiteboard animation video is also intended to be focused on. As a result of this, your message will be heard and remembered. 
  • Because of the transparent and straightforward way whiteboard animation videos communicate information is becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce and other offline businesses. 
  • Whiteboard animation videos successfully communicate the company’s product and strategy. As a result, corporations like Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and Dropbox have already adopted it. 

What Does Whiteboard Animation Video Consist Of? 

As we know, animations are nothing but drawings in motion. Similarly, whiteboard animation videos use the potential of drawing to convey information. This type of drawing animation helps in the explanation of complex topics clearly and interestingly. Hence, Whiteboard Animation Videos come under the category of Explainer Video Production. 

Before thinking about the production and compilation, whiteboard Animation Videos need a storyline, drawings, script, and narration (voiceover or music).  

A whiteboard animation film’s audience sees consecutive pictures appear and interact in a story told by a narrator. 

Qualities of a proper Whiteboard Animation video 

  1. The whiteboard animation video should be able to hold the viewer’s interest for a long time. 
  2. The Whiteboard Animation Video should improve the viewer’s Memorization. 
  3. Whiteboard animation videos should be able to entertain and fascinate their viewers. 
  4. It should properly explain the benefits of the company or the product on behalf of which the whiteboard animation video is created. 

Whiteboard animation and computer animation 

Compared to computer animation, whiteboard animation allows the viewer to follow the movement of the hand on the screen. We demonstrate the most crucial parts and issues to which they should pay attention at the time. 

Another benefit of this animation style is that we can use real objects during production, such as a phone, wallet, or credit card. 

Production stages     

There are various stages to creating a whiteboard animation: 

1. Gathering materials  

We are gathering information about the film’s goal, brand communication strategy, deadline, animation duration, preferred style, music, and graphic symbols, among other things.    

2. Creating a script 

The copywriters transform this message into an appealing-sounding story once agreed with the Client- the film’s plot. 

3. Putting together a storyboard (screenplay) 

The screenplay is typically written in the form of a story to hold the audience’s interest.  

4. The storyboard must be approved. 

The film’s first “outline” is developed – a storyboard is a document that allows us to visualize how the picture will appear frame by frame. 

Because our videos are made “live,” the customer makes no edits or revisions after accepting the storyboard (i.e., shot on an actual set in our studio). Possible alterations at a later stage are linked to an increase in costs and a postponement of the film’s deadline. 

5. Fixing the props 

Props are prepared once you know what and how you will film – both paper props we will make by hand and “actual” props that will need to be hunted for and purchased according to the storyboard. 

6. Set of the movie 

Films are shot with a high-definition HD camera, like what is used in popular television programs. 

7. Editing 

Colour correction, fragmentation, accelerated rendering, removal of extraneous components, special effects. It takes a few hours of constant work to edit only one minute of film. 

8. Implementation of last-minute changes 

Adding small enhancements that do not beyond the scope of a predetermined scenario and storyboard. 

9. Time Taken 

Typically, a whiteboard animation takes 3-5 weeks to finish. We can manufacture them faster in exceptional instances, but there will be an additional price. 

What Are the Benefits of Whiteboard Animation? 

Whiteboard animation is an excellent medium to start incorporating video into your marketing approach. It is memorable, eye-catching, and can be made fast and cheaply. Whiteboard animations are a great way to add fun to your company’s website, social media, or email newsletters. The marketing opportunities are nearly limitless, thanks to digital flexibility! All you need is a notion of getting started. Professional scriptwriters can grasp the vision and convey a powerful message that explains how a firm fits into the lives of its viewers. Whiteboard animation videos are more cost-effective to produce than any other sort of video, in addition to having a powerful and precise call to action. 

What Does a Whiteboard Animation Cost? 

Whiteboard animation costs, like most other video formats, are affected by a variety of factors. The entire cost of the video is determined by the total animation time, character style, and timetable pace. In most cases, the cost is equal to the number of artist hours multiplied by the duration of the video. Our production studio experts can advise you on how to get the most bang for your buck. 

Aim of whiteboard Animation Videos 

The final stages of such video production are animation and editing. However, it is not the most significant. Collecting and analyzing materials are critical first steps. 

As a result, to make whiteboard animation work, one must first gain a deep understanding of the target audience. This can be achieved during the Brief Review, customer interviews, market research analysis, and interviews.  

One can also get information from the buyer about the film’s purpose at a particular point. Then the information is gathered and extracted the essential parts from the collected documents about the company, its ambition, and its service, from which we develop a story. Also, one needs to focus on the type of animation – it can be amusing, serious, contemplative, etc. – on this basis. 

There are several types of whiteboard animation based on the concepts and their usage: 

1. Story Telling Whiteboard  

This is a platform made of pen and whiteboard used to tell video stories in the form of writing and small drawings. This is a powerful combination of a whiteboard and the efforts of a person using a pen to tell a tale in a dynamic style like never before, and it has a significant impact on the human mind, resulting in significant differences in work. Any web video for digital streaming, including doodle videos, can be created with the whiteboard video maker. 

2. Engineering Whiteboard  

This is a frequent term used by engineers in their daily lives throughout the world. They prepare a blueprint for a building before construction falls within the graphics mechanics drawing category, which is extremely useful to engineers. It can perform tasks that computers cannot, and it can access memories and effects in ways that no other technology can. 

3. Gaming Whiteboards  

 Several whiteboard animations are utilized in-game explainers or trailers, such as those used to generate the animation through a series of drawings that are then scrambled over each other to bring and create a motion overall.  

4. Stories of Life  

A whiteboard animation video is an excellent tool for writing life stories. They do not just portray something; they also have a lot of meaning when someone is pleased, unhappy, or both, with a lot of mixed expressions. One expresses this form of sentiment on a whiteboard to communicate their happy and sad qualities. 

List of Whiteboard Video Makers in India 

There are several Whiteboard Video production companies, which make and prepare Whiteboard Animation videos across India.  

Let’s have a look at some of the whiteboard animation video production companies in India: 

1. Video Explainer | Mumbai  

This is the most well-known whiteboard creator in Mumbai, with a platform with numerous additional features that allow us to operate with the application without difficulty. This makes the job straightforward to use throughout. Let us look at some of their work from their website. 

Website:- Video Explainer Company Mumbai

2. Video Explainer | Pune  

This is one of the top whiteboard animation production companies in Mumbai, which develops beautiful whiteboard animation videos and assists one in creating a quick and healthy technique of using it in a time-free space.  

Website:- Video Explainer Company in Pune  

3. The JIGSAW | Navi Mumbai 

 The Jigsaw is a standard whiteboard animation production house in Maharashtra. It is one of the leading manufacturers of digital whiteboards in India and Navi Mumbai. So, if you need something, go to www.thejigsaw.in and take advantage of the chance to deal with the most excellent company with the best whiteboard.  

4. Corporate Films | Mumbai 

When it comes to whiteboard animation videos, there are no better options than Corporate Films Mumbai, where one can trust the security product built into their whiteboards. They are experienced experts who know how to remain calm in stressful situations, such as when the server is overburdened and unable to handle a large amount of network traffic. 

Would you please go to Corporate Film Makers if you want to see them? 

A whiteboard Animation film attracts attention and stays in the viewer’s memory for a long time thanks to a well-crafted storyline, the narrator’s acting, and, of course, the drawings. That is why whiteboard animation (also known as “video scribe”) is so popular in marketing and internal communications. 

So that was all about the Ultimate Guide on Whiteboard Animation Video. I hope this article will help you excel in whiteboard animation and have promising branding. 

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