2D Animation in Flash

2D Animation in Flash

Flash animation or Flash cartoon is an animated film that is created in Adobe FlashFlash animation refers to both the file format and the medium in which the animation is produced. It’s a combination of model sheets which brings a character into action. For good 2D animation there are some prerequisites namely:-

Story boarding

It all starts with story boarding where creative minds get thinking. What, how, where & how many characters should be there is decided.

Atmospheric Sketches i.e. experimental colour sketches depicting moods or settings for a film are created.

    Accurate drawings depicts everything in a scene including the background & the animation and placement of action within a scene prior to animation.


There are conventionally two different kinds of layout in 2D animation; the background layout and the animation layoutColour palettes, lighting, additional characters, prop styles, and design layouts are added. Images created that define the overall creative look of a film. Also referred to as Concept Art.


Special f/x timed with appropriate dialogues are added to the character…like motion tweening and flash coding. Stop Motion CGI bring inanimate objects to life. Background sound F/X that need to be added to the audio track to give the scene a natural sounding atmosphere (e.g. birds singing, traffic sounds, crickets at night, etc).A music track is synchronised into the animation. A composer is responsible for writing and arranging the musical content of the film. Double Bounce Dub is process of mixing the music, dialogue, and sound F/X onto one soundtrack.

Animation of characters

   Visualization, imagination & execution are requisites of key animators. Here imagination meets design .It’s the skill of the Animator to create artistic characters. Flash is able to integrate bitmaps and other raster-based art. An artwork of the created visual materials make up an animated film.

The act of standardizing the appearance of a drawing or image by the creative lead in games production.

Answer Print

The final colour-graded film print containing the soundtrack and picture combined.

Important people in the Making:

1. Artist Rep

An Agent who represents and presents an artist or animator’s work to prospective clients in pursuit of a commission.

  • A Key animator who turns the scene into reality, the spines into characters.
  • Junior (or trainee) animator is one who assists the Key Animator in putting in the major in-betweens of a scene.
  • Clean up artist. An artist responsible for conceiving the overall visual styling of a film.
  • Copywriter

Member of an advertising agency creative team who is responsible for writing a commercial script.

2. Creative Team

Members of a team responsible for developing a proposed project for final production.

3. Crew

The artists working on an animation production team. A Story Crew works on storyboards, character design, and development.

4. Corporate Sponsorship

Finance from a major industrial corporation or business entity that can help finance the production of a film.

Flash Animations include Internet cartoons like ‘Popeye’, ‘Oggy & the Cockroaches’ & ‘Roll no 21′, online cartoons, or web toons.

A countless Flash-animated television commercials, and award-winning advertisements have made these 2D animations popular. Today, we’ve reached a stage where 2D animation is ‘ a piece of cake’!

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