4 Essential Questions to Measure an Explainer Video Quality

All companies, especially e-commerce and web-based companies make use of the tool of explainer videos to reach out to their audiences in an efficient manner. There has been a lot of demand for explainer videos in the marketing industry nowadays. And why not, these explainer videos are quite engaging and can promote a product or a service in hardly 60-90 seconds. However, what one must understand is that these have to satisfy certain qualifying conditions to be useful to their full potential. If you are going to spend all that money on making the video and its promotion on social media and other video-based platforms, you must make sure that the video that you are going to put up there is good enough.

This part can be a little tough to tackle. But as experts in making explainer videos, we will help you out. Here is a list of points that you need to take care of while making sure of the quality of your explainer video.

Does it feel engaging enough?

 are as short as about a minute or a minute and a half. In spite of being so short, the viewer will decide whether or not she wants to continue watching the video in the first 10 seconds. This means that the video should keep the viewer hooked for the rest of the time with the help of these 10 seconds.

The viewer will not know exactly what the video is about but can still get an idea. It becomes important to make sure that these first few seconds are intriguing enough and should also build up curiosity in the minds of the audience.

Is it appealing?

The main purpose of making an explainer video is to showcase the product, brand, or service in an engaging and appealing way. This means that you will have to check if the video is designed in such a way that it is visually appealing.

This does not mean that you need ultra-fine quality animation like the Disney and Pixar movies but something in between that and basic quality animation.

Does the main point come across well?

As the name suggests, the explainer video is supposed to convey some information related to the product in an engaging way. In order to do so, these videos usually have narrations called voice-overs. For the main point f the video to be conveyed well, this narration needs to be up to the mark. It shouldn’t be too fast. It should also be simple, clear, and easy to understand.

A voice-over artist cannot help if the script is confusing in the first place. So while taking care of the narration, you should also pay adequate attention to the script.

Does it meet the necessary standards?

The main purpose of making an explainer video is not to direct the customer to an immediate purchase. If the video can do so then that is great yet still not the main purpose.

In order to decide whether or not is the explainer video of great quality, there are two points to take care of. Firstly you must make sure that if the viewer is made to explain the product to someone else after watching the explainer video, he should be able to do so. This would imply that she has understood it well enough.

Apart from that, it becomes important to determine whether or not the viewer takes the desired action after watching the video.

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