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The significance of a video in this new day and age of gadgets and technology cannot be underestimated from any point of view. Be it for Casey Neistat’s new vlog or Apple’s new advert for their brand new iPhone X, a video is always needed to let the anonymous audience know what you want to say. But, a video without a script is like a human being without a spine; limp, confused, and messy. A proper script is what makes or breaks a video and can make your video have the essential features that will help it to explain whatever idea or opinion you plan to propagate through it. As a result, it will separate your video from other quintessential videos that other business companies out there have to offer.

Video marketing is becoming more and more important to the success of a business every day. This is because it is such an integral part of a successful strategy of marketing and helps a business promote their brand as well, get their important messages across, and improve their relations with their clients and others. But videos are not only important for the success of the business; they can also be used as a tool to explain various opinions, ideas, and proposals to the business employees, as well as to reflect the business’s profound image towards its consumers. The kind of videos that fulfils this purpose is termed as business explainer videos. Let’s discuss broadly about them, shall we?  

Business Explainer Videos – What are they?

Business explainer videos are one of the most important tools that any business should have at their fingertips in order to increase their efficiency and productivity. Such videos are basically explainer videos that are defined as short videos that serve the purpose of explaining a topic. Business explainer videos are used by businesses to introduce themselves quickly, to explain profusely what they do, what services they provide, what products they have to offer, and also to convey how the business can work on solving the problems of their consumers. Explainer videos are a great tool for explaining the details about a new product, explaining the services a business has to offer, and to also communicate a message or an idea to the consumers.

Why are Business Explainer Videos Beneficial?

You might be asking, why are such simple explainer videos so useful for such a mammoth thing like an entire business corporation. Well, let us discuss the major benefits of business explainer videos which make them quite the significant tool: –

  • Building trust and credibility – Every business has to earn the trust of its customers or else it will cease to exist. In order to earn their trust, you must engage with your consumers, so that they feel you’ve made efforts to reach out and show compassion. A business explainer video serves as a great tool for this purpose, engaging the consumers to show them that you took the effort to convey your message and explain everything to them.
  • Boosting conversions and sales – The main purpose behind presenting a business explainer video is o compel or drive the consumer to undertake some kind of action after watching the video, like an email subscription or a product purchase. Business explainer videos are great for this because the consumers have knowledge about what to expect after purchasing or investing into a service or a product of your business.
  • Conveying bulk information in a short while – The more you speak, the lengthier the duration and people don’t have a lot of patience these days, especially consumers. Business explainer videos thrive at conveying a lot of information in a matter of minutes, information that is compelling enough to make your consumer make an immediate decision about your service or product.
  • Improving e-mail marketing campaigns – As I mentioned earlier, people are more inclined to watch a video about a subject, rather than reading a lengthy blog post about the same. If e-mail marketing is your matter at hand, various statistics suggest that just mentioning the words “explainer video” as a subject can boost up the e-mail open rates by approximately 19% as well as the rates of click-through by 66%. These are the numbers that can be ideal for nurturing your leads.
  • Reducing the bounce rate of your website – Business explainer videos are also great for decreasing the rate of bounces on your webpage. Just by including an appealing explainer video in your business site, the visitors (not only restricted to your daily traffic) will be spending more time on your site and will also be compelled to engage more and more.
  • Having a big reach on social media – As you may already know, videos play quite the big role on various social media platforms. If your business is equipped with a business explainer video, you can reach a much bigger and a more vast audience on social media platforms. 

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