Simply Fantastic: Minimalist Animation

Similar to all other industries, the animation and creative industry experience a range of trends new technologies, techniques, and styles!

In 2017, across the animation industry, we have observed attractive, creative, minimalist animations that manage to effortlessly express key messages, difficult ideas and product info, at the same time as looking exquisite.

When made properly, minimalist animation can make an enormous influence; we are subject to so many bits of information on a regular basis, so many marketing messages, and multiple screens – a plenty of stimuli. So, when something frequently simply presents itself, perhaps we are more likely to pay attention?

If you are wondering whether a minimalist-style animation could work for your business, consider these key pointers:

  • In a minimalist animation, each color, image, line, and word must have a purpose for its presence in the video. Can you be cruel enough to cut down your key messages and cut back your visuals?
  • There must be divergence in minimalist animation, the most obvious depiction of this is black and white, but it can also be contrasting typefaces for example
  • Space, space, space. You will observe in a minimalist design that space is essential. It provides your content space to be effective and to ‘breathe’, it also enables that pleasant and smooth touch that many minimalist animations have.
  • Simple is the new trend. So try to keep it simple. Focus on a single key image if you are using lots of images; maintain the number of colors to be used to two or three or be happy with a specific color hue.
  • Sound or Voiceover? If you are thinking to use voiceover, it is essential to keep to the principles of minimalist, be aware that it may detract too much from the graphics and therefore a sound-bed might be more suitable.

Want to know more? Then talk to us about keeping it simple with minimalist animation.

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