Cons of Using Do-It-Yourself Explainer Video Tools

Cons of Using Do-It-Yourself Explainer Video Tools: 2023

The people who want to save money usually go for DIY explainer video tools as they are not much expensive. But actually it’s a bad decision going for DIY tools. Here are some reasons that are going to explain the Cons of Do-It-Yourself Explainer Video Tools:


No! you will not have to compromise if and only if you don’t care much about your business and you think that Explainer Video are not really going to help to increase your business.

The productivity class of the video will suck huge time. How?

These tools provided in DIY software have a lesser amount of control over the object and its illustrations. Thus the video will look like less appealing which is going to result in destroying the attention of audience.

Imagine the way how an computerized software would develop illustrations? Human touch lacks in this tools. And the major turn off is that even the voice over the video will be audio that is converted from the text that you have already typed.

So you can’t compromise in quality of your Explainer video. This is just one reason for DIY tools.

Loss of Uniqueness

As DIY tools are computerized software, they have inbuilt libraries for characters and illustrations. So the possibility increase that the same character or illustration has been used by someone already for their project. Again the chances increase that your competitor can also use the same theme.

You really don’t want to appear like one of those scummy businesses, do you? Almost everyone will use the same background music and the background theme in the video as they are pre-installed in tools.

If you really don’t want to go up with creating an explainer video which has same characters, style, elements, movements, and background music and voice over then you must need to avoid using of Do-It-Yourself Tools available for explainer video.

Cannot create brand identity

Brand is known for its unique identity and it should have uniqueness.

An explainer video agency uses versatile tools with the collaboration of creative ideation of people working there to create an explainer video. On the other hand Do-It-Yourself tools limits themselves as they don’t have the factor of creativity and innovation. So it is nearly impossible that the video can speak up your brand identity.

DIY tools won’t be able to generate explainer videos that will ensure the brand guiding principle like an explainer video agency can do.

For a particular brand when we make videos, it is very much important to follow definite aspects of graphic identity. It can be fonts, colors, illustration styles, layout, communication language, etc. These aspects can’t be fetched into videos to the correct amount by means of any of the Do-It-Yourself animation tools.


One of the misunderstandings is that using DIY tools we are going to save time. But sorry to say, it will not save your time. And the reasons are stated below.

  • Learning how to use DIY tools
  • Concept development
  • Script writing
  • Preparing Storyboard
  • Giving a voice over to your video

Compiling all this together is hectic and time consuming and if any one of the things gets wrong then you have to start from that point again.

An explainer video agency like Video Explainer Mumbai has creative experts on all the micro-tasks in the process of creating a highly converting explainer video.

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