Motion Graphics vs 2D Animation vs 3D Animation

Motion Graphics vs 2D Animation vs 3D Animation: 2023

These are the three most common formats of animation that you’ll see today and unless you want to do something really out there with stop motion video then you’ll have to make a decision between them for your project. But which one is the most suitable for you? Here is the difference between all three formats which will help you to choose according to your requirement.

Motion graphics

Until you start creating motion graphics, you will not understand that how difficult task it is.  Essentially they’re successions of animation or live action where symbols, texts and images are given motion in order to present message. It’s a kind of animation that’s right at the cup of graphic design, and also includes voice over narrating what the visuals are representing.

It’s easier to just show you, so here’s a video related to motion graphics.

You can see why motion graphics are often called animated infographics. They are a great way to present information in a simple way and their ability to keep viewer interest is second to none. It’s all to do with the fluid, dynamic movement between imagery and text which keeps you engaged.

This type of smooth, information-driven animated content fits well into presentations, pitches, and classrooms. Museum-goers will also find this style of motion infographic familiar as it is cropping up more and more to replace the threatening signs of text next to the exhibits. These are typically set on loop but the more cutting-edge museums offer interactive elements where numerous animated options are available through touchscreens, buttons or voice controls.

2D Animation

Everyone have an idea about what is 2D and 3D animation as all of us have watched animated cartoons in our childhood. But modern 2D animation is far from being childish. With this format of animation, one can build your brand and push imaginative boundaries.

Character creation plays an important role that can inspire an emotional response in your audience with 2D animation. You want to tell a story with your character and ideally, you want as many of your viewers as possible to relate to particular character.

2D animation is highly customizable as well. It’s a real chameleon of a tool that can be adapted to a number of working styles and tones. Yes, sometimes your business or particular campaign calls for something a little cartoony in order to convey a more friendly or humorous tone but this is in no way the only option when it comes to 2D animation.

Internal communications and training videos benefit from 2D animation too. When you have a dry subject matter like information governance (yawn), what better way to actually get someone to pay attention than animated video? Here is an example of 2D animation: Oreo Advertisement

3D Animation

Most of the things of 2D animation can also apply to 3D animation. So where does it differ? Well 3D animation tends to be a little more resource intensive to produce so as a result, a 3D animation says that your company sees value in whatever you choose to represent in 3D animation.

It’s still seen as quite a cutting edge form so you’ll also position yourself as a progressive, forwards-facing company. Part of this is down to developments in 3D animation and modeling techniques in recent years and with software that’s easier to use. This means it’s still seen as a hot format for video.

3D can be the only logical option sometimes: Suppose you’d like to show off animated plans and architectural designs, you can’t very well replicate a fly-through in 2D can you? Sticking with the architectural theme, a 3D animated video showing off interior and exterior speculations for a project could be the exciting element that ensures you win funding, or get your build green-lit.

Video Player

Virtual reality and augmented reality is hotter than the surface of the sun right now and if you want to get involved and show off how progressive and exciting your company is, you’re going to have to do it with 3D. This is still an emerging medium so the true value most likely is still to be realized. The true creative amongst you might want to consider something really cutting-edge like a VR experience to take to conferences and events.

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