Go Viral!

Video makers put in a lot of elements to create a single piece of video. The content, concept, and design make up the whole video. But the important element often missed by the makers is marketing of that video.

If you are making use of the social and online medium to promote your ideas, use it to the fullest. Ever thought of making your videos viral? Have you heard about video marketing? Do you have any plans to do so? If yes we have something for you that will help your video reach places.

Let’s have a look at the amazing and trending marketing strategies

A social video campaign

Social media platforms are a great source for the marketing. Initially, start distributing your videos on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once you have identified the boost in audience, share the videos with the targeted set of groups. The video must possess a call to action button due to which the customers have the option to connect with you.

An interesting thumbnail

A user click on content if it appears interesting to him and is of his use. Thus, it is important to have a catchy video thumbnail. An interesting thumbnail grabs the attention of many users. Do some research on thumbnails which will make the user watch your video.

Share buttons

Nowadays, people make anything viral with the help of sharing. Introducing a share button in your video will let the user share your video. Whenever you are producing a video don’t forget to add a social share buttons for the websites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google plus, etc. Multiple video players are available which come with an embedded  option.

Email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the cheapest medium of marketing. This campaign helps the user to connect with you on a high scale. Sharing a video through emails has raised the content open rate. When you share your video through email it gives the user idea about what you actually want to convey.

Play at the events

Try to get in contact with the event planners who plans an event matching your organization’s profile. Collaborate with them and convince them to play your videos at their event. This also involves the webinars (seminars that take place online). The idea here is to portray your work  through the videos to the maximum number of audience at once. Many leaders use the videos in between their speeches so that the audience does not get bored hearing to the same sound for a longer period of time.

Don’t just read and forget. Put these tips to use and watch your video go viral within lesser time. If you still find any difficulties, we videoexplainermumbai are here to provide any kind of help that is required regarding your videos and its marketing.

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