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How To Use Video To Delight Existing Customers

The video is considered as one of the important tools of marketing. And all can agree on this. But most of the brand fails to realize that video marketing is not only an approach for obtaining new clients; it can also be used just as efficiently to market to your current clients.

In fact, present customers seem a slight neglected in general. So, we are here to fight their side! Existing clients are unquestionably respected. One of the reasons for this is they are already aware of your company — which is a big obstacle in today’s jam-packed marketplace.

Research has found that the probability of trading with an existing happy client is approximately 14 times greater than the probability of trading with a new client — so by not giving adequate attention to your existing clients then you would be missing a trick.

In this article, we are going to show you 3 ways you can use video to delight existing customers so that they keep coming back for more!

1. Instructional Videos

If your brand’s products and services are not as good and loyal as taking it out of the box and switching it on, then your existing client may benefit from instructional videos.

For existing customers, Instructional videos are a great added extra as these videos help them to get the most out of their purchase(s).

You might think that additional instruction video is not necessary for clients that have already purchased an explainer video, but this is precisely the video delight our existing customers! By giving clients a bit extra, you show them just how much you value their custom!

2. Help Videos

Somewhat similar to instructional videos, help videos allow your clients to solve any query they may have with product or service.

For anyone time is precious. If your clients have an issue, they want it to be resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. Recent research found that about one-third of clients would rather clean a toilet than talk to client service.

Interactive videos are better than help video. In video marketing are, interactive videos are gaining attraction quickly just because of their good interactivity!

3. Thank You Videos

It is always good to be thanked. And it cost nothing for showing manners. This is going to gain u something:

Repeat Custom.

Customers want to feel appreciated. It’s one of the few things that can help your brand stand out in a time where customers can compare prices from all over the world using just their smartphone.

You may think a thank you video is a bit of a costly way to show your appreciation. But, with 68% of businesses losing customers because they feel indifferent towards them, it’s worth every penny. Besides, you don’t have to create anything flashy — a simple ‘straight-to-camera’ approach will more than suffice.

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