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Improving Your Marketing Campaign With Video: 2023

Marketing campaigns are a methodology for communicating and reinforcing the brand position with prospects of acquiring clients and maintaining the existing database of customers. A good campaign from a business house usually follows the trending theme of the market. Because advertising on a single medium nowadays is not as much effective as it should be, there is a need for marketing campaigns that can be run on different platforms like social media, mobiles, laptops and print media, etc.

There is no prescribed number of best frequency for a message that can make the desired impact, but usually, it is opinionated that ranging from 3 to 20 times is the required frequency for product’s best marketing strategy that could help in forming the opinion regarding the product or the services in the minds of prospective buyers.

At times marketing campaigns consist of an overarching theme, which means the products or services are marketed over the extended period with variations and different elements to convey the entire story regarding the product or service.

Every small to midsize market companies needs campaigns to introduce their product and to stay in the market but cannot afford the multi-million dollar ad budgets so they can opt for various other different media which can make their marketing more productive, creative and memorable through these campaigns.

Leveraging campaigns to different media such as print media, social media, direct email, radio, Television, telemarketing, search engine, events and trade shows, online media which includes ads and banners on different websites, marketing videos and much more.

The purpose of marketing campaigns is more than just advertising for the products and does include multiple mediums or sequences of messages that are telecast extended time frame for promoting sales and creating leads besides defining a brand experience.

It is always better to have a group of campaign strategy for your marketing plans and start with the goals on an annual basis consisting of meeting annual revenue and generating volume goals. For example, if the business strategy is to create 100 new customers, then the marketing campaign should revolve around the theme to figure out how many leads would be needed and when they should be run on various platforms.

Campaign copy should be creative enough to support your brand business strategy and messages. Once you have planned your marketing campaign strategy, it is the time to focus on its execution through various mediums and video marketing is one of the most trendy and influential forms of running marketing campaigns.

Video marketing is a great tool which has the incredible potential of benefiting e-commerce business. The statistical analysis has confirmed that it is a great idea because 78% of people watch online videos once a week whereas 54% of People watch videos daily as per the studies published by Hubspot.

According to McQuivey’s Forrester study, a single minute of video marketing is worth 1.8 million words according to the statistics. It has been found out that 95% of people can retain message what this see visually rather than reading it in the textual form, which is retained only by 10% of the people. This means video marketing is a very effective tool to build the brand and its image.  

Video marketing is using video content, which is relevant to the prospective customer’s interest or need and promotes the product and services to build up the brand image. An ideal video marketing strategy is quite necessary for a successful online business.

There are certain goals behind video marketing strategies for a business house because only then the kind of video to be produced can be determined as to where to post the videos, how to promote it, what sort of video should be produced coma who is the target audience and what are the video marketing metrics etc.

The main aim behind video marketing is to generate sales, reach to potential buyers, help in building positive customer relationships common launching of new products or services, to grow market share, connect with customers and fans on social media platforms besides increasing the brand awareness among masses and much more.

For corporate houses, there are few prominent categories of video marketing types, namely: –

1)  Awareness creation

Many videos are aimed with creating awareness about any product and services revolving around a theme. These are shoot to keep the audience engaged. Videos use a variety of visuals and a mixed range of options so that everyone has a reason to keep connected with such videos.

Various techniques such as visuals, sounds, and storytelling telling are used so that more and more information can be imported regarding the brand to the clients in the shortest period available.

2)  Product review videos

These videos revolve around the theme of presenting the review for any product or services launched or in use already. Such videos aim at keeping the audience engaged bike connecting with them in a highly comfortable and convenient format.

3)  Animation videos

Animation videos use animation tricks to create and propagate brand as animations are believed to provide visual and emotional stimulation making the content memorable.  Such video should be shot, fun and crisp.

4)  Explainer videos

The aim behind explainer videos is to create awareness among the customers showcasing how something can be done more effectively.  The main idea behind these is to establish expertness and authority of the corporate house by providing a solution for the queries of the perspective as well as existing clients.

The list mentioned above is not exhaustive but rather inclusive of many more kind of corporate videos which are greatly responsible for conversion rate skyrocketing.

With the changing face of marketing, brands need video marketing strategies that are cost-effective and compatible with different gadgets and Smartphones. Video popularity is making its way to the top tactics list for marketing as it can be greatly useful in shaping the future of various aspects of business purchase sales for marketing and customer services.

Videos, besides entertainment, are capable of increasing conversion rates by almost 80% influencing the decision making power of the customers.

Different kind of corporate movies that can help collect vital information through support video calls, customer stories, meet the team videos common knowledge based videos, etc. which can create great personalized customer support experience.

Here is the video marketing guide that can help create magic for the promotion of your brand: –

Plan The content of the video well make sure that it serves the sole purpose of guiding and imparting knowledge regarding your product or services to the audience and most of their queries get resolved by the end of the video.

Scripting of the video should be to the point, precise, crisp and clear because the audience will tend to lose their charm if the video has weak starting.

Right kind of environment for the video shoot

The content and the script is ready to make sure the environment in which the video is shot conveys a lot about the product and services besides the brand. Looking into various aspects of content making for the video such as lighting, camera, audio recruitments and lot more is necessary to get the best quality video to promote the product.

The best video hosting platforms should also be chosen carefully for product promotion because the main purpose behind video marketing is only served through digital platforms such as social media where your audience can view or share.

Get set and go

Video marketing is a great method of creating awareness and building brand power among the consumers who watch videos online because they tend to remember the brand with video marketing techniques more often than the text they read about.  So, it is essential to turn a written blog into a catchy video auto product tutorial which can convert more leads and attract the ultimate buyers. It is certainly a key part of the marketing strategy, which is gaining ground rapidly than expected.

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