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Doodle Videos and Business

Videos play a vital role for a business in the form of marketing, advertisement campaigning, product branding, tutorials and training, casting the news about new product and business launches, business formation and providing other pieces of information. Here, the main agenda is to create that video which is crisp with its time and is inter-connective to the material fact. Videos are engaging and compelling to watch which leads to wider approach among the audience.

In this article, we will discuss a form of animation video and that is a doodle video.

What are Doodle Videos?

Doodle Videos are the animated videos which show a drawing of cartoons by hand or might be virtually and a narrator usually speaks as a voice-over to complete it by portraying the whole video as a Film or Story. These videos are also called as trainer videos and whiteboard videos.

How Doodle Videos Boost The Business?

Doodle Videos are undeniably boosting the customer engagements and sales. How? Here’s a complete explanation to it.

  1. Story Telling: Doodle Videos use cartoons as their characters and voice-overs as their narrators. This accumulates the whole idea as a complete film which is delivered to the target audience and mostly, people choose watching such videos rather than reading long pieces of text. Also, people tend to remember these things which are expressed in the form of stories and presented visually. Nonetheless, it creates an impact, an influencing one.
  2. Versatility: Doodle Videos are versatile and are acceptable for changes within a short span of time. In other words, it’s time effective and just demands a technological device for its development which means it is location effective too that means it doesn’t require a vast space for its shoot.
  3. Curiosity: If doodle videos are made for the purpose of advertisement, then there’s an edge of using these types of videos rather than others. This is because when a person sees a creative pictorial running in front of his eyes, he tends to get curious that what next will be drawn and how it will be presented. Also, he follows the hand movement and tries to contemplate that what is going to be portrayed.
  4. Creative Information: A lot of information can be expressed through the medium of doodle videos which completely eliminates the need of a physical model to enact your whole scene of the story. Also, pieces of complex information which are hard to explain can be elucidated simply through this method.
  5. Greater Memory Retention: Through this method of sharing your information, it may help your customers to retain all of the material facts for a longer period of time. Human minds tend to remember videos’ information cents times more than the text read because a whole scenario is created in front of viewer’s mind. Therefore, it’s an effective method to share your information through this media as it leads greater memory retention.
  6. More Shares and Engagements: Videos are shared among masses 12 times more than the texts and images. A video has an edge over such forms of media and has a greater tendency to express the material fact. Doodle Videos are nevertheless compelling and engaging which boosts up the chances of their views and shares.
  7. Audience as Marketers: Sometimes, some of your videos tend to go viral on Social Media which automatically leads to a large number of views on other videos, if once; any video climbs the stairs of popularity. Your audience tends to become your marketers and follow-up your videos and promote it just because they feel that they are worth sharing with their part of world. Once, you have been liked, a perception about your good videos will be formed which is undoubtedly beneficiary for your business.
  8. Duplicity of Human Behavior: Human Behavior can be framed through these videos by doodling anime characters. These characters will work like humans which will add a level of authenticity to your video.
  9. Entertaining: Such types of videos are entertaining and amazing to watch which directly leads to the increased shares and views that directly relates to the motive of increasing your customers’ engagements.
  10. Cost Effective: You just need a software and an animator designer to design it. There’s no need of professional setup where multiple cameras have to be lined up. Also, there’s no need of famous models or actors to advertise your product or enact your story. You have the complete elimination of contacting a crew, setting up a relevant location for shoot, renting or purchasing the required equipment for shoot or in shoot. There is a huge shutdown of many such expenses.

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